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Welcome to the Expique Blog

At Expique our main focus is to offer amazing tours and experiences in Bangkok and beyond, but we strongly believe that part of the experience is in the planning stage. Therefore, our goal is to provide information and content that helps you make the most of your time in Bangkok, whether you are staying for 1 day or live permanently in Bangkok.

Here you will find regular articles on a range of topics related to Thailand and Expique, with topics ranging from our recommendations of where to eat in Bangkok to news from the Expique Team.

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What to Do at Night in Bangkok

Bangkok by night has a reputation for its “after-dark” scene and is sometimes known as “A City That Never Sleeps”. Unfortunately, this reputation is not

Makha Bucha Day in Thailand

Buddhist days make up a number of the public holidays on the Thai calendar and among them is Makha Bucha Day. In 2021, Makha Bucha

Unique Thai Festivals and Traditions

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes Thai people love celebrations, and this evident by the countless number of Thai festivals. These are both Thailand wide festivals

What You Need To Know About The Grand Palace in Bangkok

It's the most well-known attraction in Bangkok, and it's top of the bucket list for the majority of first-time visitors to Thailand. There's little denying

24 Hours in Bangkok – The Ultimate But Crazy Version

With so many things to do in Bangkok, the question is how to achieve it all if you only have a limited amount of time.

A Guide to Public Holidays in Thailand

Every year there are dozens of Thai public holidays and festivals to experience. This includes Thailand's public holidays, as well as country wide and regional

Awakening Bangkok 2020

For the 3rd year the area along Charoen Krung Road and the Creative District will be brought alive at night by the annual "Awakening Bangkok"

Constitution Day in Thailand

December 10, is celebrated annually as Constitution Day across Thailand and is a public holiday. Falling just a few days after father's day, the socially

Introducing The Young Explorers Club

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Young Explorers Club in Bangkok. Bringing you a new range of tours and experiences in Bangkok

5 December: Father’s Day in Thailand

One of the many public holidays on Thailand’s calendar, the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s. On 5 December has long been one of

Asiatique The Riverfront – Bangkok’s Modern Fusion Night Market

Asiatique The Riverfront was the first of many new riverfront entertainment and shopping areas and is quite different to most of Bangkok's other night markets.

Expique’s Guide to the New Year in Bangkok

New Years Eve in Bangkok is huge! While Thailand's official new year is Songkran in April, December 31 / January 1 is still an official

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