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Welcome to the Expique Blog

At Expique our main focus is to offer amazing tours and experiences in Bangkok and beyond, but we strongly believe that part of the experience is in the planning stage. Therefore, our goal is to provide information and content that helps you make the most of your time in Bangkok, whether you are staying for 1 day or live permanently in Bangkok.

Here you will find regular articles on a range of topics related to Thailand and Expique, with topics ranging from our recommendations of where to eat in Bangkok to news from the Expique Team.

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Loy Krathong – How to Celebrate in Bangkok and Across Thailand

As Thai festivals go, Loy Krathong is probably the second most well-known and popular after the new year Songkran festivities. It is also arguably the

The Ultimate Guide to Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

Som Tum (ส้มตำ) is a form of spicy Thai salad that is associated as coming from the Isaan province in North-East Thailand. However, it originally

I Am Dha

I am Rattana. I support Expique part time as Product Director. I used to be Head of Operations at Expique but when Expique hibernated during

Meet Hamad

I am Hamad. I started working for Expique in 2017 in customer service. I left Expique in mid 2020 due to COVID cuts but returned

Exciting Changes At Expique

We have some exciting changes at Expique! In fact, perhaps it is the start of Expique 2.0! Our old team is taking ownership and our

Bangkok’s Best Hotels for a Staycation

In 2020, with borders closed, the concept of a staycation became a trend and a staycation in Bangkok presented endless possibilities and deals. Borders may

The Ultimate Guide to Thai Curries

If you are a fan of Thai food, you've probably already tried a variety of curries that are available in Thai cuisine. Thailand's curries are

Royal Thai Cuisine: All You Need to Know

Thailand is unique because it’s one of the last countries in the world that still has a very deep connection to the royal family and

10 Thai Salads You Should Try

The Thai word "Yum" (sometimes spelt Yam) means salad so if you see a dish beginning with "Yum" it is likely to be a Thai

Why Take a Food Tour in Bangkok: 7 Reasons

With the global fame of Thai food and a growing trend for food tourism, it is no surprise that many visitors come to Bangkok to

The Best Markets in The World

When travelling around the world, one thing that most people do is explore the local markets. There are few better ways to dig into a

The Best Christmas Dinners in Bangkok in 2021

The festive period is almost upon us and for many it is a great excuse to splash out on a lavish Christmas dinner. Most of

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