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At Expique our main focus is to offer amazing tours and experiences in Bangkok and beyond, but we strongly believe that part of the experience is in the planning stage. Therefore, our goal is to provide information and content that helps you make the most of your time in Bangkok, whether you are staying for 1 day or live permanently in Bangkok.

Here you will find regular articles on a range of topics related to Thailand and Expique, with topics ranging from our recommendations of where to eat in Bangkok to news from the Expique Team.

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Songkran: Celebrating the Thai New Year in Bangkok

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year that runs over three days from April 13th – 15th. The name Songkran comes from a Sanskrit word

Boonpeng Heep Lek, The First Serial Killer in Thailand

“Do you want to hear the story of Thailand’s first serial killer”, said the tour guide.  The guide and her 4 guests were standing by

8 Must Try Thai Food from 4 Regions

Thailand is a land of food and a heaven for foodies, due to so much variety of food that you can eat till you drop.

Phuket’s Traditional Desserts That You Should Try

Thai food is renowned and talked about around the world. However, if you ask people around Thailand or around the world, "What is Thai Food"

Online Cooking Classes: Learn to Cook Thai Food from Anywhere in The World

So you love cooking and you love Thai food, but you can not make it to Thailand at the moment. Don't let that stop you!

In Search of Bangkok’s Best Pad Krapao

If you ask someone in Bangkok what is the most stereotypical street food dish, then Pad Kaprao (often spelt krprow) will regularly come at the

Ultimate Guide to Ayutthaya, Thailand

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, or Ayutthaya in short, is one of the first places beyond Bangkok visited by tourists seeking the roots of Thai culture. It’s

Getting Around Bangkok Like A Local

Bangkok's public transport system is ever evolving, and there is a myriad of ways to get around the Thai capital. In fact, it may deservedly

4 Things to Do in Sakon Nakhon

‘Sakon Nakhon is one of 76 provinces in Thailand and is located in the Isaan region in the northeast of Thailand. Situated in the densely

Update: COVID-19 and Tours in Bangkok with Expique

Updated June 4, 2020 We Are Restarting Bangkok is getting back to normal (or is it the "New" normal?) and we are getting back to

5 Must Visit Cocktail Bars in Phuket Old Town

‘From bars, clubs, and performances, Phuket has an incredibly colorful nightlife. Phuket is the destination for an unforgettable nightlife experience. Everywhere you go, there is

Our favourite Thailand train trips from Bangkok

Thailand's national rail network might not have the world's best reputation for speed or efficiency, but for us there are still few better ways to

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