9 of Bangkok’s Oldest Restaurants

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Written by Team Expique
Published: March 30, 2021

The food scene in Bangkok is constantly evolving. Yet there are many great old school restaurants that have defined the food scene for generations – and for good reason!

In this article we spotlight some of the best of Bangkok’s Oldest Restaurants. Some of these are over 100 years old and have deservedly built their reputation.

This is not a definitive list of Bangkok’s oldest restaurants, rather a lost of some of our favourite multi-generation restaurants.

Mee Krob Jeen Lee หมี่กรอบจีนหลี 

Exact age unsure – but over 130 years

Mee Krob Jeen Lee

Talat Phlu is a foodie paradise, and Mee Krob Jeen Lee (also known as Tek Heng) is the oldest restaurant in Talat Phlu.

This is the oldest restaurant in Bangkok on our list, and opened back in the range of King Rama V. The chef-owner Jeen Lee, had a chance to serve his speciality dish, Mee Krob, to King Rama V when he visited the Klong Bang Luang canal. The savoury smell of Mee Krob and its taste surprised The King. After that, King Rama V invited Mr. Jeen Lee to visit his palace as a recognition for his cooking skill. This was such an honor for him and family until present. Tek Heng is now over 130 years old but still keep the same recipe from the past.

Mee Krob is a crispy noodle dish. The noodles stick together thanks to the mix of palm sugar and tamarind, mixed with shrimps, pickled garlic, beansprouts, Chinese parsley chives, and chili. Apart from Mee krob, this restaurant also serves many unique Thai-Chinese menus.  

What to eat: Mee Krob, Pad Cha fish ball, sun dried amberjack fish deep fired, Tom Yum beef stew, snakehead fish cooked with betal leaf 

  • Opening hrs: Mon-Fri 10.00am-2.00pm & 4.00pm-9.30.00pm // Sat-Sun 10.00am-09.30pm 
  • Tel: 089 488 1538 
  • Find them on Facebook
  • Find them on Google Maps 

Daeng Racha Hoi Tod แดงราชาหอยทอด 

Exact age unsure – but over 100 years

Oyster omlette at Daeng Racha Hoy Tod

This is the legendary king of Hoi Tod in Chinatown. Hoi Tod particularly is a crispy mussels or oyster’s omelette served with sweet chilli sauce. This restaurant has operated for more than 100 years. Quantity, quality and friendly price are the key to its reputation.  

What to eat: Mussel or oyster crispy pancake, oyster omelet 

Prachak Roasted Duck ประจักษ์เป็ดย่าง

Since 1909

Roast Duch at Prachak

Prachak Ped Yang is often mentioned as one of the most famous roast duck restaurants in Thailand. This well-known restaurant has operated since 1909! It is in the prime location of Bangrak. Prachak became well-known when the owner expanded the restaurant aspect to catering business, and they got many chances to serve at important banquets and events. 

This is a must eat restaurant and an iconic restaurant in Bangrak. Even the mother of the owner of Expique eats from here weekly. Both one of the oldest restaurants in Bangkok and one of our favourites!!!!

What to eat: Roasted duck (Ped Yang) with gravy. Egg noodles with mix meat (Ba Mee Che Po), big shrimp dumplings.

Chua Khim Huat Bistro ห่านพะโล้ท่าดินแดง ฉั่วคิมฮวด 蔡欽發

Since 1921

Goose at Chua Khit Huat
Han Polo (Goose in Chinese spice soup)

Chua Khim Huat is one of the famous restaurants in Tha Dindeang. Tha Dindeang just across the river from Chinatown and has a big Chinese influence, including this restaurant. Locals often refer to this restaurant often its signature menu “Han Palo” Tha Dindeang. 

Han Palo is goose marinated in a soup of special Chinese spices. This legendary restaurant started in 1921 when the founder came from China to Thailand. He started his food business from a very small stall which he carried around to meet customers until he reached the point to justify opening a proper restaurant.  

Nowadays, Chua Khim Huat Han Palo Tha Dindeang is very well-known and currently has 3 branches around Bangkok. 

What to eat: Han Palo (Goose marinated with special Chinese sauce), Egg noodle with Goose leg , Goose liver cooked with black pepper, Roasted duck and Crispy Pork 

  • Opening hrs: 08.00am-05.00pm
  • Tel: 02 437 2427 
  • Find them on Facebook
  • Find them on Google Maps 

Poj Spa Kar (Cook Somdej) โภชน์สภาคาร (กุ๊กสมเด็จ) 

Since 1924

Deep-fried seabass with crispy kale and salad dressing at Poj Spa Kar
Deep-fried seabass with crispy kale and salad dressing

Pos Spa Kar is as now over 90 years old and made its name by presenting Thai royal cuisine to common people. Before opening this restaurant, the chef founder once cooked in the princes palace so his recipe come from what the royal family actually ate. All menus are typically Thai food, well presented and mild taste, not too spicy. 

What to eat: Mee Krob Boran, Look Rok (egg sausage) Clear soup, small pieces of deep-fried seabass with crispy kale and salad dressing 

Kor Panich Sticky rice ก.พานิช ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง 

Since 1932

Sticky Rice at Kor Panich
The best mango sticky rice in Bangkok

Mango Stick Rice is probably the most famous Thai dessert, and Kor Panich is possibly the most famous mango sticky rice vendor!

Starting in 1932, the founder Mr. Kaap opened this shop with his wife. She was the one who cooked the sticky rice following the recipe she was taught from her mother, whom worked in the royal palace kitchen. The sticky rice from Kor Panich still be a legendary and was even awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand. 

What to eat: Sticky rice and Mango 

  • Opening hrs: 07.00am-06.30pm (closed on Sunday) 
  • Tel: 02 437 2427 
  • Find them on Facebook
  • Find them on Google Maps

On Lok Yun ออน ล๊อก หยุ่น

Since 1933 

Breakfast at On Luk Yun

Since 1933, On Lok Yun has been a trendy café that serves international breakfast, coffee, and tea. It was opened at a time when western food was the rare item in Thailand. On Lok Yun is still popular, and still maintains its shophouse atmosphere.  Everything is so traditional like time was paused. 

The menu is limited but unique in its way, and is definitely a Thai-Chinese interpretation of a western breakfast, rather than a high quality modern international one! All-day breakfast serves until 2 pm. It is a nice place to experience time travel back to the early 20th century. 

What to eat: International breakfast (egg, bacon, sausage), bread, French toast, coffee, Thai tea and chocolate

Joke Prince โจ๊กปรินซ์บางรัก 

Exact age unsure – but over 60 years

Jok (congree) at Joke Price - one of the eldest restaurants in Bangkok

Joke Prince, Congee restaurant started 63 year ago in the small alley leading to Prince Theatre, hence how it got its name. Starting from a very small food stall in narrow alley, it has become a must-eat stop in Bangrak area and recently moved into a proper shop house (next to original alley).

Some people recognise this restaurant the best congee in Bangkok. The unique taste is smoky aroma of rice and savory tastes of minced pork ball. The success of Joke prince has made it popular both among locals and among tourist from around the world. They also were awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand. 

Even the mother of the owner of Expique eats from here weekly!!!

What to eat: Porridge rice with minced pork ball and raw egg or century egg 

  • Opening hrs: Mon-Thur & Sun 06.00am-12.00pm & 4.00pm-10.00pm //  Fri-Sat 06.00am-10.00pm & 4.00pm-10.00pm
  • Tel:  089 795 2629
  • Find them on Facebook
  • Find them on Google Maps 

Mit Ko Yuan มิตรโกหย่วน 

Since 1966

Tom yum at Mitr Ko Yuan
Tom yum at Mitr Ko Yuan

Mit Ko Yuan is an old restaurant located in the heart of Bangkok’s old town. Ko Yuan is the name of the founder. His family came from China and worked in the food business since the range of King Rama the fifth. Ko yuan is the 2nd generation. Ko Yuan opened his own restaurant in Bangkok, Mit Ko Yuan, in 1966. His food has influence from Chinese food, Thai food, and western food. 

Before he opened his own restaurant, he lived in Ayutthaya. He was a neighbour of Mr. Pridi Banomyong, the founder of Thammasart University and the leader of 1932 coup that changed Thailand to a constitutional monarchy. Mr. Pridi had studied in France and shared his knowledge about western food with Ko Yuan. This is how his famous ox tongue stew came about. Apart from Ox tongue stew, Mit Ko yuan was recommended in many foodie websites as serving one of the best Tom Yum Gung in Bangkok. 

What to eat: Ox tongue stew, Tom Yum Gung, Mee Krop crispy noodle, spicy razor clams stir fried with fingerroot and bell pepper.

  • Opening hrs: Mon-Fri 11.00am-2.00pm & 4.00pm-10.00pm // Sat-Sun 4.00pm-10.00pm 
  • Tel: 092 434 9996 
  • Find them on Facebook
  • Find them on Google Maps 

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