The Ultimate Bangkok Takeaway Lunch

Written by Team Expique
Published: September 10, 2019

Our team love to eat and sometimes we can’t agree where or what to eat. So much choice of amazing food in Bangkok and cheap enough to sometimes order a little to much!

We therefore decided to order the ultimate takeaway for our last staff event. In fact we got takeaway from 8 different local shops and street food vendors. We even cooked one dish ourselves! It turned out everyone in our office got to choose a place. No one went hungry

Getting takeway in Bangkok has never been so easy, as with services like FoodPanda, Grab Food, Line Man and most recently Get Food, you can now order any type of food you want on an app and have it delivered to your door by someone on a motorbike. Even many of the smallest street vendors are listed! In fact these days if you visit a well know local restaurant you will see a line of delivery drivers waiting to pick up orders.

Apart from deciding what to eat the biggest challenge with getting takeaway in Bangkok is avoiding too much single use plastic. It is shocking how many plastic bags are used! We did out best by collecting as much as possible in traditional “pinto” boxed. For dishes that we ordered using services like Grab Food – we requested minimal plastic but sadly minimal is much more than necessary!

Check out the video of our lunch and details of all the foods we ate are below.

The Menu of Local Thai Restaurants.

Tuang Dim Sum (ตวงติ่มซำ เจริญกรุง)

Location: Charoen Krung Road, Yannawa

Visit their facebook page

Prachak Grilled Duck (ประจักษ์เป็ดย่าง บางรัก)

Location: Bangrak

This shop is over 80 years old an famous for its roast duck.

Kauy Jub Mr.Jo

Location: Thanon Chan, Yannawa

Tee Moo Satay

Location: Tha Din Daeng

More details here (in Thai)

We visit this on our Evening Food and Tuk Tuk Adventure

Stewed Pork Leg JS.100

Location: St Louis, Yannawa

More details here (in Thai)

Gai Tod Jay Ki – Esan GFood 

Location: Soi Polo

Sometimes known as Polo Fried Chicken due to its location in Soi Polo. We recommend Gai Tod (Deep fried chicken) and Pla Tod ( Deep fried fish)

More details here (in Thai)

Somtum Convent

Location: Soi Convent, Silom

Named after the original branch in Soi Convent you can now find branches all over Bangkok

Visit their Facebook page

Go Ang Chicken Rice

Location: Pratunam – but now they have multiple branches.

Visit their Facebook page

Moo Ping, Our local street vendor

Walk to our office in Sathorn Soi 9 in the morning. About 50m after you enter our street you may find him

Krapao Gai – Homemade!

Learn how to make it yourself on our Cook & Eat Cooking Class

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