We Are Expique

This is our story

Expique is an innovative tour company with a vision to develop a range of amazing travel experiences in Bangkok and beyond. We believe travelers are increasingly looking for something different and we are looking to provide them with some great options.

Our Story

Expique has been operating in Bangkok since 2014, with the aim to help you “Experience Unique Bangkok”.

Of course it is difficult to find completely unique experience but we will do our best and will aim to continuously innovate with the experiences we offer. Our experience aim to bridge the gap between mainstream and unique.

When Expique first started we decided to try out 2 different niche offerings and launch with 2 tours: Our Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour and our Diversity & Harmony Walking Tour. Since then, we have become known as Bangkok’s leading tuk tuk tour operator and in 2018 our original tour won multiple awards including being recognized in the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards as the Number 1 experience in Thailand.

We have continued to develop our offering and in 2017 we launched “The Market Experience”, which is our cooking school and workshop space hidden within the Flower Market. It’s is gradually becoming one of the most unique cooking schools in Bangkok.

Over the last 5 years we have adapted our offering to be suitable for both independent travelers and special groups and team building. There is a lot more to come over the next 5 years.

Our Mission

To inspire you to experience and engage with the destination’s unique cultures and people by providing the best experience possible from the moment they first discover us to the moment they book their next trip.

What we believe in

It’s in our nature to explore
We believe in exploring and inspiring everyone to get out and explore new places and new cultures. This starts with our own team sharing their passion for exploring!

Happy Team, Happy Customers
We believe that in providing an professional and amazing experience to our customers, it is ultimately our team that ensures this happens at every stage in the process. We commit to invest in training our team and ensure we have fun along the way. For more information about the people behind Expique come and meet the team

Experience, Experience, Experience
We believe it’s not a tour, it’s an experience. While we sell experiences, we aim to deliver a great experience at every stage in the process - pre-tour, during the tour and post-tour.

Be Creative, Innovative and Bold
We believe innovation is the core to our success and ultimately to happy customers. We operated in a competitive marked and have become leaders through innovation and creativity. We commit to continuously innovate to ensure we provide the best possible service and offering possible.

Make an impact
We believe that tourism can help make the world a better place, and the more we grow the bigger impact we can have. As a team we look to give back to society and increasingly will look to see how we can build this into our offerings. Please read more about our attitude to being a responsible tour company.

About Us!

Expique is an innovative tour company, offering range of amazing travel experiences in Bangkok and beyond.

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All our experiences can be customised to cater for special groups and team building events

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