Bangkok Food Tours and Culinary Experiences

Eat like a local in Bangkok on a food experience

When people think of Thailand one of the first things to come to mind is the Thai food. When people think of Bangkok, the food scene and specifically street food often comes to mind. Eating is an integral part of the local culture, so why not take a Thai food tour in Bangkok to really help understand the local way of life and the eating habits?

We offer a selection of food tours in Bangkok plus a range of other culinary experiences including our highly popular food tuk tuk tours, Thai cooking classes, and a selection of food walks. Through such experiences we hope to help you discover real Thai food.

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Our Food Tours and Culinary Experiences in Bangkok

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Bangkok Food Tours & Culinary Experiences

Bangkok is a foodies’ paradise with great food to discover ranging from the local street food vendors to Michelin Star restaurants. There is a lot of eating to be done!

Expique is the only company in Bangkok that operates both our own food tours and our own cooking school and to this extent we are Bangkok’s leading culinary experience operator.

On our Bangkok food tours, we aim to give you a local taste of Thailand and it’s unique and diverse foods. Our food tours are lead by local tour guides who will share their passion for Thai food with you. As a tour company we believe that our role is to introduce you to food that you may not have tried before. We hope you like most of it, but the main thing is you try it! You don’t need to be a foodie to enjoy Bangkok’s food scene and we have options to cater for all levels of adventurousness. So come eat Bangkok with us!

Finally don’t forget our Thai cooking classes which take place in our cooking school which is located within The Bangkok Flower Market. Our classes are taught by instructors who have experience cooking Thai food internationally. During our classes you can learn how to make some of Thailand’s most famous dishes so you can cook them for yourself back home.

For the ultimate Thai culinary experience, you could consider combining a Thai food tour and a cooking class!

Details of each experience are given above and in the articles below you will find more information to help you decide which is right for you.

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