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Food, Tuk Tuk and Walking Adventure Tour

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Explore Talad Noi and Chinatown of Bangkok with Tuk Tuk. Walk to visit the famous street art venue, Talad Noi, and Taste variety of snacks along the way. Enjoy traveling by Tuk Tuk and visit cultural landmarks in Chinatown, a temple, shrines, and communities. Walk to explore local market and enjoy Thai-Chinese food.

  • Theme: Tuk Tuk +Walking Tour, Street Art, Street Food, taste many foods and snacks, visit temple and shrine

  • Group Type: Private Tour Only

  • Availability: Daily

  • Start Time: Recommended 8am - 9:30am / Afternoon is also possible

  • Duration: 4 - 4:30 hours

  • Transport Mode: Tuk Tuk and Walk + Public Transport (for pick-up)

  • Min Age: N/A

  • Dietary Requirements: can accommodate vegetarian

  • Meeting Point: Pick-up from hotel

  • Walking Distance: approximately 3 km

Why Choose This Experience?

This tour is perfect for exploring one of the biggest Chinese Community in Bangkok starting from Talad Noi which is home to many Chinese family since the beginning of Bangkok. It is well known for a strong community feel, old buildings, and alleyways bursting with street art and second-hand car parts. We will visit Wat Traimit, well-known for housing a 5-ton golden buddha sculpture as well as visiting many beautiful Chinese shrines along the way. Then we will visit the famous Yaowarat road, explore the local market, and taste some tasty food and snacks that represents the combination of Thai and Chinese food


The concept of the tour:

This tour is designed to give the perfect introduction of Bangkok's Chinatown. Using tuk tuk and walking into a narrow street is the best way to explore the greatest cultural diversity area.

Visit the landmark temple and Chinese shrines and enjoy the stories. Tasting variety of snacks and taste Thai-Chinese food from local restaurant. This is the tour which combine cultural places, stories, foods, tuk tuk and walking tour in Chinatown.

Our expert guide will share insights into the various foods as you eat and help you dig deeper into Thai culture as you explore the city.

The Plan:

Our local licensed Tour Guide will meet you at your hotel and escort you by public transport to the area where you can find tuk tuk or pick up by tuk tuk depending on traffic condition.

Sightseeing the city in tuk tuk and you will explore the first destination at “Talad Noi”, an ethnic Chinese community on the edge of Bangkok’s Chinatown, and on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. It is well known for a strong community feel, old buildings, and alleyways bursting with street art and second-hand car parts. Recently many cool hidden cafes have opened and it has become very popular with the young and Instagram obsessed locals. Visit the old time Chinese shrines along the way. You will also get to try many interesting street food and interesting walk to Chinatown.

You will next visit Wat Traimit, stands at the Odeon circle, the archway gate to Chinatown. This temple is famous for home of the world's largest solid gold Buddha image with 5 tons of gold worth millions’ dollars in todays price. Also visit Yaowarat Heritage Centre, the museum where we will learn about the early settlement of people in Chinatown.

Then, have lunch at local favorite restaurant and tasting many foods, snacks, and desserts. Then hop on tuk tuk and sightseeing Yaowarat road, the main thoroughfare, taking the iconic photo of the signages feel like we are in China.

After that, walk to the market “Talad Mai.” The famous market for finding the best Chinese ingredient in Bangkok. This market will never upset the shoppers for fresh and good quality products and we taste some interesting snacks along the way.

Along the way we will provide water and the opportunity to stop for food, snack, cold drinks, and a rest.

At the end your guide will get you back to your hotel or help you get to your next destination.

Private Experience:

1 Adult2 Adults3 Adults4 Adults5 Adults6+ Adults

- Child price (aged 5-12): 1,500THB / Children under 5 years-old are free of charge.
- Includes: Guide, food and drinks, transport during the tour, insurances, pick up & drop off (using public transport).
- Excludes: Tips, additional items,

All prices are in THB and include VAT. No additional booking fees apply.

For private tours pick up will be included: However, we will adapt the pick up method based on location. We do limit pick up to a fixed area and beyond this additional fees may apply.

Drop off: For private tours we will escort you back to your hotel or next destination (within limited distance)

Food Safety: We take food safety very seriously and all the places that we eat at we believe are of an acceptable standard and cleanliness to take guests to, but it is impossible to 100% rule out any risk of food poisoning. Our food safety record is very good and we have found it more likely a customer will get sick from food prior to our tour than during it.

Dietary Requirements: This is a tour with variety of food and snacks (both sweet and savory). We can somehow adapt for vegetarians but it not suitable for vegetarians and people with specific dietary requirements While we do our best to accommodate, many of the stops are based around single dishes (e.g. spring rolls/chicken noodles/dumplings). Therefore, we cannot guarantee the same experience as others. Note that a lot of Thai - Chinese dishes have fish sauce / oyester sauce / soy sauce in them and this cannot always be avoided. For people with dietary requirements we recommend our Bangkok Night Lights tour.

Suitability for children: We do allow children but as this is a walking tour so we do expect parents to make the judgement as to whether it is suitable for children. We do pass through market areas and narrow alleys so it makes it very challenging with strollers.

Private / Customized Tours: This is a private tour so can be customized. You may consider combining the tour with one of our other tours. We do offer discounts if book multiple tours

Changes to Itinerary: The food stops we eat at may vary from day to day depending on what's open.

If it rains we have more fun: We run the tour throughout the year and have never had to cancel a tour due to rain. If it rain we have ponchos, rain covers and umbrellas. You may get a little wet but if you bring a positive attitude you may discover it is even more memorable.

Travel by Tuk Tuk:

  • - The main mode of transport is tuk tuk. Tuk tuks are small fun vehicles that are open air. However, some people do find them noisy, hot and open to traffic fumes.
  • - This tour is during daytime when the temperature is high and the tour has been designed to avoid traffic. We find most people enjoy it but are aware that some people will not.
  • - For people with less mobility getting in and out of a tuk tuk can be harder but we will happily help those who have problems.
  • - Normally there will be 2 people per tuk tuk, However, when an odd number of passengers or children (on child rates) there may be 3 people per tuk tuk.

  • - Advanced booking is required.
  • - If you have special requests or a large group we can customize this tour as a private tour for you.
  • Free cancellation up to 48 hour in advance. A 1,000THB per book change fee may be imposed for date changes within 2-24 hours of the started time. For full T&Cs please visit

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    from 2,000THB per person (based on 6 adults) to 3,500THB per person (based on 2 adults)
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