At Expique we have expertise in expertise in designing unique and memorable tours and experience that can be adapted for large groups as well as small groups. We operate our own fleet of tuk tuks and run our own cooking school hidden in the Flower Market, and as much as possible we like to combine these elements into your special event. Such events have included a wedding tuk tuk parade and corporate tuk tuk rallies for multi-national companies including Mercedes, Accor and Eli Lilly, Disney, Barclays…

Whether you are planning team building activities or a fun way to treat your staff, we can adapt our tours to create a truly memorable and unique experience.

Here are just some ideas:

  • Team Cooking Challenges:Though our cooking school, The Market Experience, we offer a range of exciting team cooking activities
  • An Evening Tuk Tuk Adventure:Spend a night whizzing around Bangkok in a tuk tuk and we will customize it with some great additional food and drink stops. We can even decorate the tuktuks with your logos, favorite colors and special messages. If you want to ultimate Bangkok Experience you can combine it with a dinner cruise.
  • Bangkok Discovery Challenges:Combine elements from all our tours to create the ultimate amazing race event around Bangkok full of fun activities and challenges
  • Team Walks:Simply get the team out of the office by taking them on a company walking tour.

These are just some ideas. If you are planning a special event then please contact us to see what we can offer. Please provide as much detail as possible

If you are looking for some inspiration for your perfect event then check out the video below: