Join-in Groups

Expique offers small group join-in tours and experiences, which allow you to explore Bangkok in the company of others, and at a lower price than a private tour would cost. We try and make our join-in tours as fun and interactive as possible and encourage guest to interact with each other. To this extent some of our join-in groups have a minimum age as we believe it is important to maintain the group dynamics.

Depending on the experience, the maximum group size varies from 8 people to 12 people. The minimum group size is normally 2 people but for single travelers who book a long time in advance we will do our best to confirm a tour even if just one person.

Our join-in tours require guests to meet us at a specific meeting point.

Our join-in tours are open for anyone and especially for:

  • People who want to meet and interact with other travelers.
  • People who want a slightly lower cost option and appreciate that on a group tour we cannot always cater for everyone’s individual interest even though we do our best to please everyone.
We do encourage customers to read the tour brief carefully to ensure it is the right tour for you.

Private Experiences

All of our experiences are available on request as private groups. Private groups allow more flexibility and allow for customization (within limits). Within each experience description on our website it will give further information about the options for a private experience.

Private experiences do costs a bit more than our join-in groups but often include extra benefits such as pick-up and drop-off.

When there are 6 or more people in your group we recommend a private experience and when possible we aim to maintain the price to match the join-in group experience.

Private groups are subject to availability and can only be confirmed once we receive payment for you.

Corporate Groups and Team Building

Most of our experiences can be adapted for large groups and we have specific offerings for corporate events and team building. Such offerings will often be adapted versions of our core products and tailored to the specific needs of your group. Read here for more information on our offerings for Corporate Groups and Team Building.