Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours and Experiences

Explore Bangkok on an iconic tuk tuk

Exploring Bangkok in the iconic Thai tuk tuk tour can be one of the most fun ways to see the city. These open 3-wheeled vehicles allow you to experience the vibe of the city as you zoom around.

We offer a range of tuk tuk tours in Bangkok to cater for your needs depending on time of day and interests. These include our award winning "Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour", which was twice voted the No.1 Experience in Thailand! Or for the foodies we have a night food tuk tuk tour version!

Our Bangkok tuk tuk tours are available both as join in tours and private tours, and can even be customized to your need.

Our Tuk Tuk Tours and Experiences in Bangkok

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Our tuk tuk tours can be adapted to cater for special groups and can make a fantastic evening adventure for your team.

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Further information about our Tuk Tuk Tours in Bangkok

Expique is Bangkok’s leading tuk tuk tour operator and was the first to adapt our tuk tuks with transparent roofs to make them even better for tours. Our tours are led by our licensed tour guides and supported by the best tuk tuk drivers in Bangkok.

Our evening tuk tuk adventures run at a time of day when the traffic is lightest, the temperature is (slightly) cooler, and the city is at its’ most beautiful. We offer a range of evening tuk tuk tours to cater for everyone from foodies to families and from Bangkok first timers to local Bangkokians!

Details of each tour are given above and in the listings above,

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