17 Reasons Why Our Night Tour is The Best Tour in Bangkok

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Published: July 15, 2014

This is obviously a completely biased list but we thought we would have a little fun and give you 17 reasons why our Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk tour is the best tour in Bangkok.

  1. Enjoy the fun of a tuk tuk without the hassle of dealing with the tuk tuk driver.
  2. Less traffic at night means you can explore further.
  3. It’s cooler at night so you sweat less!
  4. Visit some of the most famous attractions when there are no tourists about.
  5. Visit places where most tourists have never been.
  6. We surprise people who have lived in Bangkok a long time / all their life.
  7. Learn about the history of Thailand.
  8. Sample the best fishballs in Bangkok – according to 3 separate Thai customer on our tours.
  9. Stop at the most famous Pad Thai place in Bangkok – although it is hotly debated as to whether this is also the best place – please note this place is closed every Monday and on some other days so we can not guarantee we will stop here
  10. Try snacks you may have never tried before.
  11. Stop at the flower market just as it’s getting busy. Of course if you want a custom tour we can go there at 2am when it peaks.
  12. Our guides are excellent, funny, clever and modest 😉
  13. Hear some spooky stories.
  14. Get to meet others on our tour but if you don’t then you have been lucky enough to have a private tour.
  15. 4 hours of action.
  16. There is still time to check out a bar after if you really think this is the best way to spend a night in Bangkok.
  17. After 16 reasons we still have some surprises in stall for you!

Bonus reason added in July 2015: Many of our tuk tuks now have transparent roofs so now you can see even more. See photos here

If you are still not convinced then check out what others say about us.

If you are still not convinced our Bangkok Night Lights TukTuk Tour is the best tour in Bangkok, why not check out the tour video:

Still don’t believe us? You better check it out to see for yourself

For more details visit the tour page 

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