Fun with Tuk Tuks

Here's why we are the most fun tuk tuk tour company in Bangkok

Written by: Simon Philipp | Published: January 27, 2021

Expique has always aimed to be one of the most innovative and creative tour companies in Bangkok and maybe even in the Universe!

We also love having fun with our tuktuks tours. Christmas themed tuk tuks, tuk tuks decorated for weddings, scary halloween tuk tuks…..

Check out some of the fun we have had with our tuk tuks in the last years.

Christmas Tuk Tuks

Since 2015 we have decorated our tuk tuks every Christmas. Each year they get better and better.

Tuk Tuk Weddings

When the owners of a tuk tuk tour company get married. This is what happens.


Illuminated Tuk Tuks

If there is an illumination festival in Bangkok, it’s a good reason to add lights to our tuk tuks!

Scary Tuk Tuks

2020 was a scary year, so we had some extra fun with our scary Halloween tuk tuks.

Valentine’s Tuk Tuks

Is a tuk tuk the most romantic vehicle in the world?

Which is your favourite photo?

Let us know which you liked and contact us if you want us to decorate a tuk tuk for you!

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