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Expique’s team is committed to creating amazing and original travel experiences and providing the great customer service that you would expect. Here are the people that make it happen.

Hamadkhan (Nickname: Hamad)

Job Title: The Captain

Alternative Job Title: General Manager

From: Bangkok

Favorite Place in Bangkok: Anywhere his motorbike takes him

Favorite Thai Food: Kao Krapao Nueu

Hobbies: Motorbikes & sting ray

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Hamad from Expique
Dha from the Expique Team

Rattana (Nickname: Dha)

Job Title: Chief Food Tester

Alternative Job Title: Product Advisor (part time)

From: Minburi

Favorite Place in Bangkok:

Favorite Thai Food:


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Job Title: Troubleshooter

Alternative Job Title: Customer Service and Operations

From: Bangkok

Favorite Place in Bangkok: Along the riverbanks of the Chao Phraya River

Favorite Thai Food: Nuea yaang (Grilled beef)

Hobbies: All types of animal as a pet and Jetski water sport

Fawad of Expique
Photo of Simon - CEO of Expique

Simon (Nickname: Si)

Job Title: The Man Who Founded Expique

Alternative Job Title: Advisor

From: London, UK

Favorite Place in Bangkok: The Flower Market at 2am

Favorite Thai Food: Somtum and grilled chicken

Hobbies: Exploring Bangkok for the best somtum and grilled chicken

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