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Expique News

Expique is an innovator or travel experiences in Bangkok. We love to innovate – from our award winning tuk tuk tours to our cooking school at our market hideaway. When you come to Bangkok please do check us out.

In this section you will find articles about Expique. Our latest products, our team and any other news that we hope may interest you.

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I Am Dha

I am Rattana. I support Expique part time as Product Director. I used to be Head of Operations at Expique but when Expique hibernated during

Meet Hamad

In 2022 Hamad took over as General Manager and part owner of Expique. In this article you get to know Hamad a little more.

Exciting Changes At Expique

We have some exciting changes at Expique! In fact, perhaps it is the start of Expique 2.0! Our old team is taking ownership and our Bangkok tuk

Update: Hibernating in Bangkok

As of April 2021 we are hibernating our tours business until tourism comes back. We are currently accepting bookings for January 2022 onwards. We

Fun with Tuk Tuks

We also love having fun with our tuktuks tours. Christmas themed tuk tuks, tuk tuks decorated for weddings, scary halloween tuk tuks.....

Meet Our Friends: Expat Holidays Thailand

At Expique we work with a number of partners and it’s time we gave them a shout out. We have been working with Expat Holidays Thailand for

17 Reasons Why Our Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour is The Best Tour in Bangkok

We believe travel should be more than just visiting a location; it should be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. This collection...

Online Cooking Classes: Learn to Cook Thai Food from Anywhere in The World

So you love cooking and you love Thai food, but you can not make it to Thailand at the moment. Don’t let that stop you! Yes, we run The

Why Choose Expique?

Why Choose Expique as Your Host For an Experience in Bangkok At Expique we are focused on The Experience. We don’t believe it is just about

Another year with Expique

Like many others we have decided to use the New Year as an excuse to look back at the previous year and also think about what is to come in 2020.

e-Scooters in Bangkok

Over the last few years e-Scooters have become a craze in many cities around the world, and in the last year a few companies have set up

The Ultimate Bangkok Takeaway Lunch

Our team love to eat and sometimes we can’t agree where or what to eat. So much choice of amazing food in Bangkok and cheap enough to sometimes

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