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Written by Team Expique
Published: August 25, 2020

At Expique we work with a number of partners and it’s time we gave them a shout out. We have been working with Expat Holidays Thailand for over 5 years. Normally they send customers on our tours, so it’s time we gave them a shout out! We caught up with Lenny (the owner).

When did you start Expat Holidays and why? 

I started Expat Holidays Thailand in 2012 when I was working as an EAL instructor at big international school in Bangkok.  Since teachers get lots of holidays, naturally many conversations in school revolved around future travel plans, cool places to visit, great hotels to stay at etc.  This gave me an idea to start a travel agency catering to expats, starting with arranging trips for friends & colleagues and expanding from there.

Customers kayaking in Kanchanaburi
Customers kayaking in Kanchanaburi

Briefly describe what you offer?

We offer full travel services all over Asia: personalized itinerary planning, hotels, unique excursions, tour guides, flights, transfers, visas services (in some countries).  The destinations we currently offer are: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Maldives.

While we are always happy to book single services like hotels or excursions, where I feel we add the most value are tailor-made holidays.  For example, 1-2 weeks trip around Vietnam, Myanmar or North Thailand where everything is arranged by us, in one simple itinerary, with one point of contact – so you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

Where is your favourite  place in Thailand?

So many to choose from, but if I had to pick one it would be Krabi.  The scenery and beauty there is unmatched in my opinion.

Have you got a favourite hotel?

Again, there are so many amazing hotels in Thailand.  One that always comes to mind is The Siam Hotel in Bangkok.  It’s a local, luxury boutique hotel that is not part of any international chain.  Besides the stunning location and the most personal service, what makes it unique is that the rooms are decorated with the owner’s personal, extensive art collection!

Any places in Thailand that you are dying to visit?

I’d love to visit Koh Phayam island in Ranong.  Everyone who’s visited say it’s one of the last ‘untouched’ islands in Thailand.

How has COVID impacted your business?

As everyone in the tourism industry, COVID has had a major impact on our business.  Even though we focus on expats, in recent years over 50% of our business was from international arrivals as well as planning trips for Thailand’s expats to other destinations in Asia – both of these are currently on hold.

Customers enjoying an ATV trip in Northern Thailand
Family Fun – ATV in Northern Thailand

Any top tips you would like to share? 

Some people may not be aware that the seasons on Thailand’s East and West Coasts are quite different.  While on the West coast (Phuket/Krabi) November – December is the start of dry season and a great time to visit, on the East Coast (Koh Samui) it’s the monsoon season.  Alternatively, May – July Samui weather is usually very good while it’s the monsoon season on the West Coast.

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