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Published: February 7, 2014

It is exciting to be writing the first post on the Expique blog. As the first post it makes sense to give an introduction to Expique and what we have install.


Let’s start with our name itself.

The name Expique comes from combining “Experience” and “Unique” and these are two fundamental characteristics that are a key to what we aim to be.


What do we mean by “experience”?

We are not about providing tours but rather experiences! In fact we are not limiting ourselves to simply providing tours but intend to develop a range of experiential products that may feel rather different to what you expect from a traditional tour. We would actually like to reinvent the concept of a “tour”, but that is a challenge that will take some time. The key is that as a customer you feel that you really had a great experiences and one that is special for the destination.



What do we mean by “unique”?

Unique can be interpreted in two ways.

1) We will show you the unique features / characteristics of a place

2) We will develop experiences that are unique and not offered by other companies.


We aim to deliver both but let’s also be realistic. There are so many travel companies out there that it is hard to be completely unique and offer experiences that no one else offers. In fact sometime unique only sells in limited quantities so we do have some slightly more mainstream experiences. However, it is our aim to develop a range of experiences that you can not get elsewhere and that at a minimum all of our experiences will focus on a unique theme or highlights the uniqueness of a place.


Why Expique?

To put it simply, we believe customers are changing and that they are looking for something different. These could be people visiting Bangkok for the first time or it could be someone who has been multiple times before and looking for something new. There are lots of new platforms coming online that allow individuals to create and offer their own experiences to travellers. Therefore, what is on offer in the market is getting more creative and as a travel company we are too!


What is the long-term plan?

This is our little secret!!!!!!!! All we can say is we are starting with experiences in Bangkok.


However, if you really want to find out we suggest you

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If you do this you will eventually discover our long term plans!!!!! Until then, thanks for reading and come experience unique.

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