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Written by Team Expique
Published: July 6, 2015

We hope you enjoy following our blog as we explore the various things to see, do and eat in Bangkok – both on and off our tours. But a city as buzzing and diverse and the Thai capital boasts a large number of bloggers, each serving up a unique blend of what the city has to offer. If you’re planning a visit to Bangkok (or beyond), or even if you live here and want to get more out of your time in the city, these blogs are the place to head for the latest on-the-ground must-knows.

Richard Barrow –

Phi Ta Khon festival in Loei, Thailand - photo by Richard Barrow

Long-term British expat Richard has been in Thailand for over 20 years, and has been blogging since 1997. A formidable figure on Twitter, he grew many of his 89,500 followers during Thailand’s various flood and political crises. His main blog – just one of the network of sites he runs under the Paknam Web network – carries a mix of practical information on living in and visiting Bangkok, including on tourist attractions both here in the capital and from Richard’s frequent trips elsewhere around the country.

Sirinya’s Thailand –

Thai-German Sirinya Pakditawan lives in Germany and posts regularly (in English) about various tourist and cultural attractions in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. Sirinya focuses on a mix of Thai popular and traditional culture, covering everything from Buddhist sak yant tattoos to famous Thai actors and celebrities – along with a healthy dose of food and Thai recipes.

EatingThaiFood –

Mark Wiens of - photo by Mark Wiens

Self-confessed food obsessive Mark Wiens, known as much for his expressive YouTube reactions to his favourite dishes, blogs almost exclusively about the full repertoire of Thai food, and the EatingThaiFood site houses a comprehensive run-down of eateries in Bangkok and beyond, from humble street stalls to slicker restaurants. The focus is firmly on the food, though, and Mark’s strength for photography shines through – you’re bound to leave the site hungry. Mark also runs, an anthology of his global travels away from Thailand, and with more of a general travel focus rather than food (though there’s still plenty of eating going on!)

Bangkok Glutton –

Chawadee Nulkair, aka Bangkok Glutton, is the author of the Bangkok’s Top 50 Street Food Stalls and Thailand’s Best Street Food books, both of which sit proudly on our shelves. She’s an authority on Thai cuisine who loves sincere cooking and loathes restaurants where the focus is on interior design rather than the food. Her addictive blog combines listings of her favourite places to eat in Bangkok and elsewhere, with opinion pieces on Thailand’s culinary history and culture.

Cat & Nat –

A group of bloggers run this site on the contemporary Thai lifestyle, determined to demonstrate that there’s more to Thailand than the country of political protests and prostitution that makes it onto the international news. With everything from interviews with stand-out characters in Bangkokian popular culture to reviews of hidden hideouts, Cat & Nat is a well-written and stylishly composed blog with an eye for design.

SheSimmers –

Another Thai food blog, another Thai who has spent extensive periods of time in the United States. Leela Punyaratabandhu, author of Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen, blogs recipes on a regular basis that include less common dishes, seemingly long lost traditional Thai favourites, and both fusion-style meals inspired by her travels and traditional Thai recipes adapted to suit the ingredients she can get her hands on in the countries she finds herself in.

Thaizer –

British former stand-up comedian Roy Cavanagh now works as a freelance writer, having had a varied career working in everything from taxation to the British railway system. Roy first came to Thailand in 2003 as part of a year’s round-the-world trip, and appears to have stayed somewhat longer than intended. He now runs what is an invaluable, frequently updated go-to resource about various aspects of Thai culture, news, round-ups of popular destinations, and more.

Austin Bush Photography –

With Austin Bush, it’s all about the photography. This American’s writing is also top-notch, of course, but his food photography is simply phenomenal. Follow Austin’s regular blog posts for the l0w-down on little-heard-of food stalls both in Bangkok and upcountry, serving increasingly rare dishes that are the epitome of truly authentic Thai fare.

Travelfish –

Since 2004, Travelfish – run by an Australian couple now based in Indonesia – has provided frank and unbiased, heavily researched guidebook-style information on countless destinations that now cover most of Southeast Asia. That includes a strong focus on Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand; between the site’s Thailand blog, city-by-city listings and regular features, Travelfish is a reliable resource worth its weight in gold.

BK Magazine –

Finally, though actually more of a bona fide magazine rather than a blog, BK Magazine is the definitive resource for the latest goings-on in the capital. Its coverage runs the gamut of reviews of everything from restaurants to gigs and vintage markets, and is updated daily. Its free weekly hard-copy magazine can be found in coffee shops and other select venues around Bangkok.


Have we missed your favourite blog about Bangkok? Let us know in the comments!

Photos by Richard Barrow and Mark Wiens.

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