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Written by Team Expique
Published: March 3, 2020

Why Choose Expique as Your Host For an Experience in Bangkok

At Expique we are focused on The Experience. We don’t believe it is just about the tour but the whole experience and this includes: what you read on our website; our response if you ask a question; the tour itself; the post-tour experience. There are many characteristics of our company that allow us to offer an amazing experience that we believe is the best in Bangkok.

  • We are local experts and it’s in our nature to explore

We ourselves love Bangkok and love to explore. Simply, we want to share this passion and the local culture with you. You can follow our explorations on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Focus on happy customers

We are focused on customers. Our aim is to offer an amazing experience and this starts from the moment you first discover us. We ask for feedback after every tour and have continuously improved our offerings to ensure they are the best in Bangkok. Just read our reviews to see all the happy customers.

  • Focus on a great team

The secret to happy customers is a happy team who will look after you and host you. This includes our customer service team, our guides, and our drivers. We treat our team well and encourage them to explore and eat.

  • Local knowledge with a diverse mentality

Expique is owned by Perasa (Thai but lived in Europe for 10 years) and Simon (British but lived in Thailand for 10 years) and our small office is so diverse (Buddhist, Muslims, a Jew, Chinese descent, half Thai / half-French, half Thai / half Pakistani). Simply, everyone is local but we have a diverse mindset and understand the needs of different customers.

  • Innovative and Creative

We love being innovative with our products, we only wish we could keep such innovations exclusively for us. A few innovations are: The first company to add transparent roofs to our tuk tuks (sadly many companies have copied); Themed tuk tuk tours including Santa Tuk Tuk Tours for Xmas; Professional uniforms for our drivers; The first food tour company to operate it’s own cooking school; The First Cooking School in Bangkok to have a base in a market; the first company to offer a tuk tuk tour wedding; the first cooking school to offer a 1-hour cooking class in Bangkok….

  • Award-winning

Our Bangkok Night Lights tour has won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice award as one of the top experiences in Thailand for the last 2 years. We believe many of our other experiences are even better – they just don’t get the volume of customers needed to get awards (but this means they are more intimate experiences).

  • We love eating

There is one thing that unites our whole team. If you don’t believe us, then check our unofficial and staff managed Instagram account: Our Team Eats http://instagram.com/ourteameats

Why Book Direct with Expique

You may have noticed our Bangkok Night Lights Tour is a top-rated tour on many websites including Viator, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Expedia….. Many of our other tours are also available on such platforms and have great feedback.

We often get asked what the advantages are to book with us vs a partner are, so within this article, we will highlight the advantages of booking directly with us.

  • Quickest, most informative and most friendly response to any question

If you have a question, you might as well ask us direct. If you were to ask through one of our partners it would eventually come to us to answer but we can not always guarantee how the reply will come back to you. Our friendly team aims to answer all your questions within 24 hours and in the most friendly and informative way. Our team is all based in Bangkok and we can guarantee your questions about your trip to Bangkok are answered by someone who actually knows about Bangkok!

  • Price Guarantee and no hidden fees

The price we show on our website is what you pay and in most cases, none of our partners are allowed to sell at a lower price. If you do see it at a lower price do tell us! Some partners actually mark up the price or have additional booking fees at check out. They can guarantee the price in Thai Baht but we can not guarantee the exchange rate you will get.

  • Most up to date availability

Ultimately we control the availability and sometimes we add extra times that other partners do not have on their website. If it looks like it is fully booked on a partner website we may still have availability!

  • Most flexible cancelations

We have always aimed to have the most friendly and flexible cancellation policies. A few years ago many of our partners forced free cancelation up to 24 hours in advance on us. So as a response we matched this and in addition, offered a 50% refund up to 2 hours in advance. This only applies to our join-in experience but for our private experiences, we also have the most flexibility.

  • The most accurate joining instructions

Our joining instructions are designed to be as clear as possible. Whilst some of our partners have a set format and limit on the information we can provide, we don’t. This means we can give all the details necessary and for many of our experience, we provide links to maps or other resources to help you find us.

  • Free access to additional Bangkok resources upon booking

Upon booking, we will send you emails with links to additional resources such as our interactive map of Bangkok and our guide to how best to spend your time in Bangkok. Our goal is to help you enjoy your time in Bangkok beyond just the experience you take with us.

  • Upgrade to private options

On our website, we provide details of both join-in group options and private options when they are available. For many of our products, we do not sell private options via partners as we want to keep the price down and we can not if we sell through a partner and have to pay commission. Sometimes we also upgrade larger groups to private experiences if we have spare resources.

  • Help the local company / avoid commissions

Ultimately we are a small family business that is trying to create amazing experiences for our guests. We have great partners who sell on our behalf and we reward them with commissions when they bring customers our way. We believe this is fair if they helped us reach customers who we would not be able to reach normally, but if you did find us on your own we hope you will book direct with us so we can avoid the large commissions. We ourselves have invested a lot of time and resources over many years to build our reputation and presence so people can find us direct and we, therefore, do appreciate if people book direct with us.

Hopefully, you can see why we would love it if you book direct with us. Now we look forward to hosting you.

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