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And now a new decade

Written by: Simon Philipp | Published: January 8, 2020

Like many others we have decided to use the New Year as an excuse to look back at the previous year and also think about what is to come in 2020.

A Look Back at 2019

We launched several new tours

In 2019 we were busy developing a range of new experiences.

When we launched we never intended to be a “food experience” company but that is the way we have slowly been heading over the last 5 years, especially when you consider we offer both food tours and our own cooking classes.

Last year we launched our new “A Local Bangkok Breakfast” tour. This is a tour which we really love and explore the districts of Bangrak and Yannawa. It’s an area where my mother-in-law grew up and she still visits many of the places we eat.

At our cooking school, The Market Experience, we launched our Cook & Eat – 1 hour Thai cooking experience. This really is a unique class and no one else is offering such a short but intense intro to Thai cooking.

At the end of the year we collaborated with Scoota to launch electric scooter tours. Such a fun way to explore Bangkok and you can choose from one of 2 tours: Scoot Bangkok Old Town or Scoot Bangkok’s Backstreets. We do believe eScooters are a fun way to explore but we also believe in being responsible when scooting.

We celebrated 5 years of business

In February 2019 we celebrated 5 years of Expique. It was a big year for us in many ways. Over this time we have hosted over 20,000 customers and on busy days we now have about 60 people working for us – including staff, guides, tuk tuk drivers and our team at The Market Experience. In May 2019 we had a big staff party to celebrate.

We expanded in The Flower Market

We have gradually been expanding our base, The Market Experience, in the flower market. In October we did a major renovation and expanded. Check out photos here. Don’t forget to book a cooking class or team cooking challenge with us.

New website

After 5 years we gave our website a complete refresh. You are looking at it now. We hope you like it!

We did Santa again

Every year we do our Santa Tuk Tuk Tours bigger and better! This Xmas was no different

Christmas Santa Tuk Tuk Tour

Happy new year! We had fun this Christmas, hope you did too!#SantasTukTuks

Posted by Expique on Thursday, January 2, 2020

We made lots of videos

Did you see our new promo video?

What’s coming in 2020

We have already started to year by launching our new tour “Bangkok by Day”

Traditionally we have been best known for our evening tuk tuk tours but now we have an extensive range of day tours and have great options to explore Bangkok at any time of day you like!

Team Building. We have always had great options for evening tuk tuk tours for teams but over the last year we have developed our offering and will continue to do so. Ask us about our “Bangkok is Beautiful” team adventure or our “Prepare a Thai Feast” team cooking challenge. A lot more to come this year.

We do hope by the end of the year we will be running tours in at least 1 more destination. Any ideas where?

A look in to the next decade

In case you missed it, we have started a new decade. Given Expique has been running less than 6 years, a lot can happen over the next 10 years. Here are a few things we are hoping may happen with us:

  • All the street vendors that we work with are still able to sell (not banned)
  • We change the reputation of tuk tuks in Thailand
  • We eat our way around Thailand
  • We finally get electric tuk tuks (if the government makes it easier)
  • Global Expansion
  • Gravity free food tours where you don’t need to worry about your weight (aka in Space)

Most importantly we hope we will have fun as a team. Eating, exploring and hosting guests from around the world. We started Expique out of a passion and a desire to offer truly amazing experiences and we will strive to continue to do so as we grow.

Finally we wish you a Happy New Year


Simon and P (Founders of Expique)

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