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At Expique our main focus is to offer amazing tours and experiences in Bangkok and beyond, but we strongly believe that part of the experience is in the planning stage. Therefore, our goal is to provide information and content that helps you make the most of your time in Bangkok, whether you are staying for 1 day or live permanently in Bangkok.

Here you will find regular articles on a range of topics related to Thailand and Expique, with topics ranging from our recommendations of where to eat in Bangkok to news from the Expique Team.

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Khlong San night market – a local riverside market in low-key Thonburi

Khlong San Market used to be one of our favourite markets in Bangkok as it really was a market geared to locals. However, for various

August 12: Mother’s Day and the Queen’s Birthday in Thailand

Just as the Thai king's birthday is celebrated as father's day on 05 December since he is thought of as the father of the nation,

7 of Bangkok’s best museums

Think Bangkok is all temples and night markets? Think again. Like any global city, the Thai capital also has its share of captivating and educational

Patpong night market – the one amid Bangkok’s red light district

Less often recognised as a night market than others in Bangkok, and often well known for all the wrong reasons, Patpong night market is nevertheless

Asanha Bucha and Khao Phansa in Thailand

Asanha Bucha Day is a significant Buddhist event and public holiday on the Thai calendar. The day, which usually falls in July or August and

Siam Square: a night market at the heart of Bangkok

Siam Square isn’t one of the Chatuchaks or Talat Rot Fais of the world, the kind of market that gets its name thrown around on

5 of Bangkok’s best art galleries

Bangkok has a growing reputation as a hotbed of artistic talent, and the number of multi-purpose creative spaces popping up around the capital is testament

Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Thailand

Mid-May sees an additional public holiday in Bangkok, though it is one that is only taken by government officials, and not by private businesses or

JJ Green – Bangkok’s underappreciated night market

As Bangkok night markets go, JJ Green is far from being the most well known. Talat Rot Fai, or the train station market, probably takes

Growing up in Bangkok by Thida

The following is writen by Thida who manages Exique's Tuk Tuk Tours in Bangkok. Bangkok is known as Thailand’s capital city. Some people might have

Coronation Day in Bangkok – May 5

  05 May is Coronation Day in Thailand, marking the anniversary of the coronation of the country's current King Bhumibol Adulyadej, also known as King Rama IX.

Labour Day in Bangkok – May 1

Known variously around the world as May Day or Labour Day, 01 May is celebrated each year in Thailand as National Labour Day and is

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