Thai Culture: Do’s & Dont’s

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Published: June 13, 2014


Here are some guidelines you should follow while traveling in Thailand.


1. Smiling – Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”. It therefore goes without saying that smiling is very important while you are travelling and smiling can mean so many things. During our tour, you are going to meet so many people especially local people. It’s better to smile as much as you can to Thai people and they will in return, welcome you and be friendlier.

2. Watch your actions in public places – Thai people in general do not kiss or hug in public places. In some situations if people are close or know each other well that would be ok, but you still should pay attention to your action in public places.

     3. Dress Code – We are recommended you to wear something comfortable and appropriate. Especially in the temples, you should be careful about what you are going to wear.

     4. Respect –Thai culture demands respect for things a little different to what you may be familiar with. Some examples are:
4.1 One of the rules in the temple is that you shouldn’t bend your head down to low part of your body between your legs and look back because Thai people believe if you do that, then something that we couldn’t see originally will come to you.
4.2 Another example is very important for a girl as in Thailand girls are not allowed to touch a monk. And also you have to  respect the local people and do not taking picture without asking first.


     5. Thai people have great respect for the royal family, so be careful if you say or ask anything about the royal family. Some guides may be comfortable answering your questions, others may not – it varies significantly.  Another interesting example of this is you shouldn’t step on or over bank notes or coins (the reason is because there is a picture of royal family in front of them)

    6. Feet low/Head high – In Thailand your head is the highest, which means good and clean whereas your feet are lowest, which means bad and dirty. It is very rude to raise your feet above someone else’s head especially pointing feet to Buddha image in the temple

 7. Taking shoes off  Remember before you step in someone’s house you should always take off your shoes unless they allowed you to wear them inside.

DO NOT stress about this information that I am giving you. If you are on tour  you can ask your guide about what you can or cannot do when you are in Thailand. However, do not forget to be careful, respect and be mindful of these rules.


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