Phuket’s Most Beautiful Beaches: 5 Hidden Gems

Written by Team Expique
Published: March 12, 2020

Phuket, a province in Southern Thailand is an island of paradise well-known for its breathtaking beaches, has been a top favorite destination for many years, rich with culture, food and a euphoric atmosphere. A favorite activity is to spend some quality time at the most beautiful beaches on the island. With a large number of beaches to choose from, the question is which one to go to? Which beach is the most beautiful? Which beach is still a hidden gem?

Every Phuket beach has a different vibe to enjoy. We have brought you a list of 5 remote and peaceful beaches to spend the day.

Nai Thon Beach 

Why we recommend Nai Thon Beach? 

We recommend Nai Thon beach as it is the most spectacular beach close to large hotel zones like Laguna and Layan. There are lots of activities to enjoy and suitable for all ages. It is easy to get around and find anything you need. 

Sunbeds are available to rent for the day. You can choose from the ones for sunbathing or the ones under the shade of Pine trees and Pandanus trees. It is recommended to do snorkeling in Nai Thon beach as the sea is calm and the water is clear. You will be able to see yourself surrounded by all kinds of astonishing fish just as if you were on an island in Phangna Bay.  

Not to forget, watching the sunset at Nai Thon beach is amazing. The beach faces the ocean providing a beautiful view. You will see the horizon where it seems like the sun sets into the ocean. You can enjoy the magical display of nature while having a sip of your favorite drinks from the local bars. 

Where to eat? 

As for grabbing a bite, Nai Thon beach is home to a number of local restaurants surrounding the area. You can walk to any of these restaurants; they have plenty of Thai food, some seafood, and even some foreign favorites. 

How to get to Nai Thon Beach? 

Nai Thon beach is a small beach of about 1 kilometer, located just right below Nai yang beach. Nai Thon beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing day, the place is wonderfully quiet and peaceful. Jet skis and long-tail boats are prohibited on this beach. The water is crystal clear with a beautiful turquoise color. Surrounded by breathtaking cliffs on both sides, the sea is calm and protected from huge waves and strong winds.

Find the location here

Laem Singh Beach 

Why visit Laem Singh beach? 

Laem Singh beach tops our list because of its adventurous vibe. It is a small breathtaking beach hidden between two cliffs and all the fun starts from getting down there. 

At Laem Singh beach, you can take a nice swim. The water temperature is perfect; combined with the pleasant weather, it is ideal for relaxation and letting go of every day worries.  

Sunbathing is a popular activity in Laem Singh, you can bring your own towels and set up your spot on the beach. Expect a peaceful remote vibe that is perfect for your vacation.  

Where to eat? 

There is an authentic Thai restaurant built on the rocks that overlook Laem Singh beach, with a very simple ambiance but at the same time rich in culture and providing visitors with homemade and delicious Thai cuisine.  

How to get to Laem Singh Beach? 

Laem Singh beach is even smaller than Nai Thon beach with only 200 meters. The secret beach has tiny access by land, which provides you with a feeling of adventure as you make your way through to the beach. There is a path from the main road, guiding you down by a little track passing through a jungle, leading you to a spectacular and exclusive view of the beach and the sea beyond. Laem Singh Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Another way to get to Laem Singh is by sea.  

You can also take a boat from Patong beach or from Surin beach. Going by boat does not take a long time as the other two beaches are not too far away. 

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Ya Nui Beach 

Ya Nui Beach as seen from viewpoint
The beautiful Ya Nui Beach

Why we like Ya Nui Beach? 

Nui Beach is a small bay near the most popular sunset spot in Phuket, Laem Promthep or known as Promthep Cape. Located at the South of the Island, Ya Nui Beach has yet to be discovered by most tourists.  

We like Ya Nui beach because of its location. Located at the very south of the island, you can see the signature of Phuket, the palm trees leaning towards the sea. We also advise to check out Ya Nui beach during the evening, make sure you stay in time for the sunset. Ya Nui beach is a brilliant spot to watch the sunset with an exclusive view.  

On the beach, since there is no service of umbrellas and chairs, it is best to be prepared with a towel for relaxation or just bask under the shade of the beautiful trees that lie on the horizon. It is a popular place for youngsters to relax and have a drink with their friends. 

The water is also clear and beautiful, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  

Where to eat? 

There are no restaurants on the beach, however, near the side street, there are local restaurants that provide a variety of Thai food, tropical fruits, and desserts, rehydrating you and keeping your experience fresh.  

How to get to Ya Nui Beach?

It is a very tiny beach that is located right before Promthep Cape and is accessible by road.  

Find the location here

Nui Beach 

Image result for nui beach

Why we recommend Nui Beach? 

We chose this beach for its facilities for capturing the landscape. Nui Beach is highly recommended to take snapshots. It has beautiful props and highlights to capture the moment you will always remember. 

Swimming in Nui beach is not ideal as the water is full of rocks that have fallen from the cliff. It is advised to take good caution before entering the water. 

Nui Beach is the place to come if you want to take some pictures for Instagram. The landscape is beautiful. Not many people go to this beach, it is still a hidden gem in Phuket. This little paradise has a giant swing and a huge bird’s nest looking chair for taking amazing pictures. It resembles the rice fields viewpoint in Bali. Nui beach has a similar vibe to it. 

Nui beach has two areas, the lower part at the beach and the private area slightly on the upper part.  

Where to eat? 

At the entrance of Nui Beach, there is a café and restaurant. If you want to avoid the entrance fee you will have to have a drink or grab something to eat.  

The entrance fee is for the private area which includes the photo stages. It costs about 800 baht to get in. 

How to get there? 

Nui Beach is often confused with Ya Nui beach. They are not the same beach. Nui Beach is located not far from the famous Karon viewpoint.  

Nui Beach is the perfect location for taking pictures, a unique place with a lot of memories to be captured. The area surrounding the beach has been renovated, resulting in the addition of new props for photos. The highlight is the swing that overlooks the whole scenery. There is also a seat decorated to look like a giant bird’s nest. 

Find the location here

Sai Kaew Beach 

Why we love Sai Kaew Beach? 

We absolutely love this beach for its connection with the locals. Most beaches in Phuket are occupied by tourists and it is hard to find locals. Sai Kaew beach is where you can experience how Thai people spend their day at the beach. 

The place is quite remote and peaceful. You need to be prepared before you come to this beach. There are only little shops to buy some small things as a souvenir. Other than that, it is better to just come and relax. 

No sunbeds are provided so make sure you have a towel with you. The sea is a beautiful blue, with the atmosphere to talk a long walk and just sit back and relax.  

Where to eat? 

There are only two restaurants on the beach and some local food stalls. However, there is no wide choice to choose from, mainly local food in a simple fashion.  

How to get to Sai Kaew Beach? 

Sai Kaew beach is located just right above Mai Khao beach at the very last stop of the Island.  

Find the location here

Note: The best time for a beach experience is between November and May 

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