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By Simon Philipp
Published: December 30, 2015

Expique has brought you regular blog posts throughout 2015, with regular updates on all that’s going on in Bangkok, as well as insights into Thailand’s culture and the best places to eat, drink and discover unique experiences in our home city and beyond. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring with us – as 2015 comes to end, here’s a look back at our favourite blog posts of the year.

January: The history of pad thai

Pad thai at MBK shopping centre - photo by David McKelvey

Possibly one of the most recognised Thai foods abroad, pad thai might not be the most widely consumed dish inside Thailand – we’d probably give that gong to somtum, a fiery papaya salad from the northeast – but it is nonetheless certainly a popular meal among Thais. But what most of those who tuck into a plate of pad thai while holidaying in Thailand don’t know is that there is a back story in the history of pad thai and the introduction to Thai cuisine of a noodle dish that is, at its roots, essentially Chinese. Read more…

February: 5 of Bangkok’s quirkiest bars

WTF bar in Bangkok - photo by Krista

Bangkok has a notorious reputation as somewhere to party hard – the city didn’t get its place in films like The Hangover for nothing. But beyond the brash and blaring sights of its infamous go-go bars, and its impressively lavish rooftop bars with views of the city’s skyline, the Thai capital also boasts a collection of smaller, more intimate and often equally quirky drinking holes. Read more…

March: A guide to Thai holidays and festivals in Bangkok

Songkran - photo by Wyndham Hollis

The Thai calendar is packed with festivals, public holidays and other celebrations – aside from three (yes, three!) different sets of new year festivities, there is always an excuse for a party in Bangkok. Whether you’re living in, holidaying in or just passing through the Thai capital, take a look at this calendar of festivals and Thai holidays in Bangkok to see when you can see the city pull out all the stops and have a great time. Read more…

April: 4 of Bangkok’s best hostels

Glur Hostel & Coffee Bar in Bangkok - photo by Glur Hostel & Coffee Bar

Bangkok has never been a city renowned for its hostel offerings – with private rooms available in guest houses around Thailand’s capital for far less than you’d shed on a simple dorm elsewhere, it has never seemed like a gap that really needed filling. All the same, cost aside, there’s something to be said for the social atmosphere of a hostel, and for the ease of making friends at the start of your travels. These days, Bangkok certainly isn’t missing out on the trend for hostels to move into the boutique bracket – here are four of our favourite hostels around the city, and none of them are around Khao San Road, the famous area for backpackers to hang out! Read more…

May: 5 day trips from Bangkok

Wat Mahatat, Ayutthaya, Thailand - photo by Chris Wotton

Bangkok is full of things to do, and plenty of travellers spend a week or more in the Thai capital without running out of activities. It need not be expensive, either – in fact there’s plenty to be seen for free – and within the city’s limits there are fantastic hotels and hostels to stay in, and restaurants, floating markets,night markets and more to keep the whole family happy. All the same, sometimes you just want to get out of the hustle and bustle – and that’s where this collection of easy day trips from Bangkok comes in handy. Read more…

June: 5 unique things to do in Phuket

Baan Teelanka, the Upside Down House, in Phuket, Thailand - photo by the Upside Down House

The country’s largest island, southern Thailand’s Phuket is among the top destinations for visitors to the kingdom – who come for the white sand beaches, stunning views and good food. But there’s more to do in Phuket than sunbathe – here is our pick of the resort island’s unique attractions. Read more…

July: Do you really want to visit an animal attraction in Thailand?

Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand - photo by xiquinhosilva

An up-close animal encounter is often high on the list of must-dos for visitors to Thailand. They’re in good company – the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna have been snapped getting friendly with everything from elephants to snakes, tigers and loris primates. But not everything is as it seems with Thailand’s wildlife industry, and there is a darker side to animal experiences, of which most tourists are blissfully unaware. Read more…

August: Bangkok’s best independent bookshops

Dasa Book Café - photo by Dasa Book Café

Bangkok isn’t known as a city of avid readers – but in between all the high-rise shopping centres are a few stalwart independent bookstores that thankfully just won’t go away. These are our favourite spots for whiling away a weekend afternoon with our heads deep in a good story. Read more…

September: Bangkok’s best parks and green spaces

Heron in Rot Fai park in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by Rushen

Though Bangkok has a (deserved) reputation as a traffic-choked, forever-frenetic metropolis, there are far more pockets of green packed into its environs than many realise. Here are some of our favourite Bangkok parks and green spaces. Read more…


October: What to see in Bangkok’s old town of Rattanakosin

Wat Ratchabophit - photo by Chris Wotton

Bangkok’s old town of Rattanakosin Island, so called because it was surrounded by a number of former canals until they were filled in to make roads, is a highlight for many visitors to Thailand’s capital. Ournewly launched walking tour, The Rattanakosin Story, lets you soak up the history of this old royal district and some of its most famous landmarks. Read more…

November: The best Thai islands close to Bangkok

Koh Samet, Thailand - photo by smalljude

Are you in need of a getaway? Do you not want not only to feel the sand between your toes and hear the lap of waves on the shore, but also the feeling of seclusion and isolation that only comes from marooning yourself on a tropical island? If you’re craving all of this, but don’t have the time to head too far from Bangkok, you need our pick of the best Thai islands within easy reach of the capital. Read more…

December: The best of Expique’s Bangkok walking tours

Kudeejeen, Bangkok, on the Diversity and Harmony walking tour - photo by Chris Wotton

Getting out on foot is a great way of discovering all that the Thai capital has to offer – our walking tours lead you away from the usual hotspots every other company will take you to, and instead show you back alleys and hidden Thai communities where you get the chance to see a different side to the way of life in Bangkok. We run a number of different walking tours, meaning we’re bound to have a tour for you – and here’s a rundown of what you can expect to discover on Expique’s various Bangkok walking tours. Read more…

Which was your favourite blog post from 2015? What would you like us to feature on our blog in the future? Let us know in the comments – and thanks for reading!

Photos by David McKelvey; Krista; Wyndham Hollis; Glur Hostel & Coffee Bar; Chris Wotton; Upside Down House; xiquinhosilva; Dasa Book Café; Rushen; Chris Wotton; smalljude; Chris Wotton.

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