4 Things to Do in Sakon Nakhon

Written by Team Expique
Published: March 28, 2020
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Sakon Nakhon is one of 76 provinces in Thailand and is located in the Isaan region in the northeast of Thailand. Situated in the densely forested Phu Phan mountain range area, the main town is surrounded by farmland, forest, and wildlife. It is also well known for “Thai Forest Tradition” style of Buddhism and numerous forest temple retreats. If you’re looking for a hidden destination in Thailand, that is away from the crowds, then a road trip through Isaan with a few days in Sakon Nakhon is a good idea.

If you do make it to Sakon Nakon, here are our suggestions of things to do. 

Visit Wat Phra That Choeng Chum 

Wat Phra That Choeng Chum image

This is a provincial temple of Sakon Nakhon. The symbolic heart of Sakon Nakhon. If you look at this photo you would guess, is it a dragon? Is it a snake? Well, it’s both.  

Why build naga?  We do believe that if we build nagas in the temple especially at the entrance. Nagas will ward off evil spirits from entering the wat (Temple) and there is no evil spirit would never dare to try to get in the wat. On the top of the stupa made by a real gold weight around 3.7 kg.  

Behind the naga statue, there is a Bot called Ubosot (Ordination Hall), the building where new monks take their vows before becoming a monk. Bot and Wiharn look all the same. You can recognize a building as a Bot by the six boundary stones we called (Bai Sema) to make it more sacred for ordination. 

Wat Phra That Choeng Chum image

In the Wiharn, there is the Principal Buddha image named Luang Phor ong saen, The attitude of subduing Mara, height 3.2 meters. They have two versions of buddha image which is the same attitude but not the same side and same old. The oldest one will sit behind the gold one. If you notice at the entrance of the ordination hall, you will see some monks standing up at the tall glass cabinet selling Thai amulet we do believe that if we keep buddha image amulet with us, when any problems occurs, after praying everything will be fine.

Visit the St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral 

St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral image

This cathedral is a Roman Catholic of Archdiocese of Thare and Nonseng. Thare and Nonseng is the Biggest Christian community in Thailand. Behind the cathedral, there is a historic place built more than 100 years ago and most of the tourists come here for taking photos. Along the area, you’ll see the catholic community and the houses built likely architectural French lined type. Every year during Christmas Eve, there is a parade festival that everybody will prepare their cars, decorate their big star light, wear Santa costume and throw candy to children and wave their hands along the road to Cathedral.

Walk Among Lotus at The Biggest Lotus Park in Thailand 

Lotus park image

A lotus park near Kasetsart University built in 2010 having 74 species of lotus from Thailand and from other countries. The main purpose of this park is for educate people to know more about lotus. That’s why this park is the nearest Kasetsart university. There is a long red wooden bridge in the pone where you can walk around to see lotus. Also, there is a pavilion in the middle of the lotus pond for relaxing. The admission is free and for those who want to experience biking, you’re welcome to rent a bike.

Eat at Farm Hug  

This restaurant is well known for beef. If you’re a beef lover and did try some kinds of beef from Thailand, you’ve probably heard of Poon-Yang-Kam beef. It is Thailand’s best beef originated in Sakon Nakhon. And don’t worry if you’re not a beef lover, they still have other options for you to try such as fish, pork and chicken.

After you your room is full, it’s time to feed pets. They have a garden where they keep sheep and rabbits that you can feed. 

Open Hours: 10:00-21:00 

How to Get There

The first option is a bus, take a bus from Mor Chit to get a ride for 10 hours. Though there is a lot of bus companies, I would recommend Nakorn Chai Air if you want to get there faster. They won’t stop the bus for a midnight eating so it will arrive faster than bus from other companies around 1 hour. The price of a bus is about 4-5 hundred baht.  

The second option is flying, you can take the cheapest flight to get there around 8-9 hundred baht per person and fly to the upper northeastern city in just about an hour. 

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