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Written by Team Expique
Published: February 7, 2014

Expique is launching with two tours in Bangkok that we will run as join in tours every single day. Of course you can also request a private tour.

These tours are designed to be at a mid point between mainstream and truly unique as ultimately as a business we need to build a customer base. However, we guarantee you that more unique and off the beaten track tours are just around the corner. In the meantime we think you will like these two tours.

Diversity and Harmony (Walking Tour) 

We would say that this tour is partly off the beaten track but still in an area well known by many. The tour visits an area on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya river that allows us to bring out the beauty, diversity and unique heritage of Bangkok. It is an area that has some well-known sites, yet if you wander not very far down some of the backstreets you will encounter very few tourists.

For more details visit the Diversity and Harmony tour page


Bangkok Night Lights (Tuktuk tour)

A lot of the sites that you will see on this tour are on most people’s list of places to see. However, what makes this tour different is that most people don’t visit these places at night and don’t realize how amazing they are at night!!!! By taking tuktuks it also makes it a fun experience and at a time when there is less traffic and the temperature is lower.

From the pilot tours we have done this tour appeals to both people who have just arrived in Bangkok and also people who have lived in Bangkok for a long time (including people born here). To give you a little taster here are some quotes from people who have tested this tour.

  • I did not know you could go there at night (source: A Bangkokian who grew up in the city)
  • That was some of the best orange juice I have ever had (source: A Californian who recently moved to Bangkok)
  • Those were the best fish balls I have had in Bangkok (source: A Thai who has lived in Bangkok for 10 years)
  • The tour was a great way to get an overview of the city (source: A Brit visiting Bangkok for the first time)

Hopefully this tour will surprise you as well! For more details visit the Bangkok Night Lights tour page


As a special offer we are offering both of these tours for free in February. The tour is free, but if you enjoy it then pay what you think it is worth at the end. 






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