Exploring with the Amazing Kids from Zy Movement

Written by Team Expique
Published: May 24, 2018

As a tour operator in Bangkok, our goal is to enable people to experience the city, it’s beauty and it’s culture, and ultimately where there is a will to explore we will find a way.

Last Sunday was a special day as we partnered with the Zy Movement Foundation to explore Bangkok with the children and families that they support.

There are millions of disabled people in Thailand and Southeast Asia who have to face physical and social barriers everyday, preventing them from making the most of their lives. The goal of Zy Movement Foundation is to heighten awareness and understanding on issues of children with disabilities to society is to improve the quality of lives for children with congenital limb deficiency and cerebral palsy, a disability currently found in 450,000 children in Thailand as well as around 10 million in ASEAN.

On this special edition of our Family Canal and Tuk Tuk Adventure, we explored Bangkok and it’s culture in a fun an memorable way and with a few challenges to overcome. Despite the fact that all the families live in or around Bangkok, for many of the kids it was the first time riding in a long-tail boat or a tuk tuk. Of the kids who joined ….

Exploring Bangkoks Canals by Longtail with Zy

The tour started by taking a long-tail boat to “Baan Silapin – The Artists House”, a place that most families did not know existed. There they have a daily Thai puppet show at 2pm, but we worked with the Sippatham Kumnai – Traditional Thai Puppet Show to arrange a special show at 3pm to ensure the kids can get up close as on a Sunday it can be very busy. Kids and adults alike loved it.

Traditional Thai Puppet Show at Baan Silapin - The Artists House

Next we took the boat back to the Flower Market where we visited our base at the Market Experience for lotus folding, ice cream and snacks.

After that it was time to jump aboard our tuk tuks and zoom to the Golden Mount (Wat Saket).

Riding tuk tuks around Bangkok With Expique

Climbing to the top of the Golden Mount may have been a challenge for some, but most of these kids have had to overcome much larger challenges in life. In fact, one of the main annual activities for Zy Movement is their “Climb to Change a Life”, so climbing up The Golden Mount was just a small challenge in the whole scale of things, but one which was rewarded by great views of Bangkok.

Zy Movement at the Top of Golden Mount - Wat Saket

The final stop of the day was for dinner and if there is one dish that is fitting for both kids and adults then Pad Thai would be the choice. We would like to extend a big thanks to the team at Thip Samai (the most famous Pad Thai in Bangkok) for supporting the dinner and helping us deliver a memorable day for the kids, families, volunteers and Expique staff who supported.

Thank you Pad Thai Thip Sami

As a company we have supported the Zy Movement before through our Random Thainess initiative, but as new parents this event had a special meaning to us.

Over the last 4 years we have built Expique to be stable and ensure we are in a position to create regular incomes for our staff and teams of guides and drivers. Now our commitment shifts to also ensure that we give more back to society and help make the world a better place.

We are therefore delighted to announce that from now on 3% of all revenue from our Family Canal and Tuk Tuk Adventure will be given straight to the Zy Movement and we will also give our guests the opportunity to match that. We will also look at similar initiatives related to other tours.

Finally a big thank you to

A Big Thanks to the Expique Team

And of course the amazing kids and families from Zy Movement Foundation (www.zmf-asia.org / https://www.facebook.com/Zymovement/)

We look forward to future activities and continuing to positively impact the lives of others through tourism.

Perasa, Simon and Baby Vanessa
(Owners of Expique)

Zy Movement at Baan Silaipin

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