Random Thainess – August 2015

Review of our pilot event

Written by Team Expique
Published: August 10, 2015

On August 6, our first “Random Thainess” event kicked off to a great start with about 40 people in attendance!

The concept behind “Random Thainess” is that 6 random locals speak for about 6 minutes each on random topics of their choice. The only condition is that it has to be about Thailand or Thai Culture. In addition we ask one charity or NGO to present the work they do and we will support it through the event. This an event is a collaboration between Simon Philipp (Founder of Expique) and Mae Rosukhon Hurley (The Language Base).

As a tour company you may ask why we decided to host such an event. While we stand by our tours as a great way to experience Thai culture and Bangkok, you do only get to spend time with one local (your guide). With “Random Thainess” you get to interact with locals from all walks of life.

As you will see from what follows, we really did get a diverse mix!

Paul told us about how Thais ‘tiew’, or travel – the big holidays of Songkran and New Year means they’re on the road enmasse, unless you happen to run into them in Japan…and yes, they tend to be packaged tourists. Ai showed us some beautiful pictures of Thai celadon, prized possessions uncovered from shipwrecks. Like any modern Thai with good business sense, these ancestors knew how to market themselves and compete with the Chinese ceramics.

At this time of year, Thai monks take shelter from the rainy season but the beautiful dok mai kow-pan-sar blooms. Khun Linn brought in these gorgeous (but unfortunately scent-less) flowers to share with our audience. Nilo, our random poetry performer, inspired us to open our hearts and throw out our prejudices on our journeys – maybe easier done when backpacking than in everyday life…

Everyday working life…that hectic cloud we all find ourselves too wrapped up in sometimes…thankfully Por showed us how the Slow Life in Thailand still exists…breathe…(Bankok’s pollution hasn’t killed us yet!)…and swooning hot pictures came from Joe, who warned every really really good-looking Zoolander male farang that middle-class Thai girls were after their sperm. Watch out for those sneaky BTS pictures!

Donations tonight went to Friends International, a charity focused on building futures for children and their families. Thanks to Khun Ann who came to give us a lot of information about the excellent work they do across education support, vocational training, and child safety and protection from exploitation. The event raised 2,400THB for them.

Thanks to all who attended and see you at the next one!

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“Random Thainess” is held in association with The Language Base.

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