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Written by: Simon Philipp | Published: December 7, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Young Explorers Club in Bangkok. Bringing you a new range of tours and experiences in Bangkok designed for young kids and their families.

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Technically this is actually the re-launch as we briefly operated it in 2015, but that was before the owners of Expique had kids and our priorities were slightly different.

In 2020 our priorities are back to kid friendly activities. The Expique Family now has 2 young kids running around and while they are only aged 1 and 3, exploring places and cultures from a young age is in our heart.

5 years ago we doubted whether you could really do much with young kids. Now we are constantly amazed by how much young kids can do!

Our Mission

The aim of The Young Explorers Club is to encourage learning through exploring.

Whether it be exploring cultures, religions, art or food, these can all be done through family friendly tours and experiences in Bangkok and beyond. Ultimately we encourage families to:

Get out & explore!

Our Initial Offering

Below is our initial offering that will all be available from December 15.

  • Cooking with Colours in a Flower Market (available now)
  • Tuk Tuks, Temples and Tasty Treats (Available from December 21)
  • Kids Scavenger Hunts (Available on December 26/27)
  • Canal Life (Available from January 5)
  • Getting Creative in The Creative District (Available from January 5)
  • Bangkok Behind The Scenes by Bicycle (Available from January 5)

All programs come with a selection of activities and exercises and work books that the Young Explorers can complete both during and after the experience. These activities are split to cater for ages 3-5 and 6-11.

With the exception of our Kids Scavenger Hunts. all of these kids experiences are currently only bookable for private groups. For the most fun and the best prices we suggest getting together groups of friends an exploring together.

However, over Christmas we do have some special activities for families and this includes a special Festive Family Scavenger Hunt on December 26 and 27. You can read more about all our festive activities.

Starting in early 2021 we will offer regular weekend activities that are open for your Young Explorers to join in.

Is It Really a Club?

Well the definition of club is somewhat flexible but our vision is to create a range of experiences that encourage families to regularly come back and enjoy. We are working on a range of materials that make your your “Young Explorers” feel like they are part of something.

Expique’s Experience in Running Family Experiences

Expique has been operating as a tour company in Bangkok since 2014 and regularly hosted tours for families. We focus on creating great experiences with a strong customer focus. This led to our Bangkok Night Lights Tour being awarded The Best Experience in Thailand this year.

We have a base in The Flower Market and our specialities are in tuk tuk tours, food tours, walking tours and cooking classes. We build on these strengths in creating experiences for The Young Explorers Club.

Experiences for The Young Explorers Club are run by our staff and selected members of our freelance tour guide. We ensure we only use leaders who have the right mindset for family tours. All leaders work to specific guidelines for The Young Explorers Club. Given that parents are always present for current activities we do not require leaders to have specific qualifications with regards to working with children.

Follow The Young Explorers Club For More Updates

This is just the start and there is a lot more to come. The Young Explorers Club has its own Facebook page. Please follow it here for all the latest updates. Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter for all our updates.

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Prior to COVID-19 our focus was on offering a range of experiences in Bangkok including our award winning Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour. These have now been temporarily suspended.

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