Random Thainess – 7 September 2015

6 Talks, 6 Topics, 1 Charity

Written by Team Expique
Published: September 18, 2015

Our second instalment Random Thainess welcomed a lot of new faces and growing interest from Bangkok’s locals and expats. Our speakers shared some great stories as we went travelling around Thailand… and then into the spiritual and supernatural world…

Good got our tastebuds going with a culinary journey around the country – did you know that nam prik noom is the dipping platter of the north, and khao yum the punchy, herby and fiery rice salad of the south? Sand then took us to the hills of Thai ecotourism and a different kind of travelling experience, where she spent time trekking the mountains by day and eating grilled pig skin with locals at night.

Anyone ever wondered about those strange sounds Thai people make? Thanks to our teacher-performer Bingo, we all learnt how to hear and create 5 different ‘ohhhhhhh’ sounds ourselves – great throat and tones practice! We then went into the realm of faith in Thailand with Tenzin as our guide, and saw how open to other religions Thais can be, even with social order and hierarchy as the foundation of society.

Neung showed us that Thai people can match it with the best in the world when they work internationally, despite missing their family, friends and deep attachment to Thai condiments at every meal. Peach finished the night by telling us the scary stories of the kaseu ghost… which made our guests think twice about hanging laundry overnight and going outside when nature calls at midnight!

Our charity organisation tonight was Thailand Hilltribe Educational Projects (THEP). Thanks very much to Susan who gave us information about the good work, physical facilities and educational opportunities they are providing to children in the northern Hilltribe areas. Our donations raised 2,400 baht towards THEP.

Thanks to everyone who came and we’re looking forward to seeing you for random chats at the next one. It’ll be Monday 19 October 2015 – so please save the date in your diary!

About Random Thainess

The concept behind “Random Thainess” is that 6 random locals speak for about 6 minutes each on random topics of their choice. The only condition is that it has to be about Thailand or Thai Culture. In addition we ask one charity or NGO to present the work they do and we will support it through the event. Random Thainess is a collaboration between Simon Philipp (Founder of Expique) and Mae Rosukhon Hurley (The Language Base).

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