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Published: March 23, 2020

Updated June 4, 2020

We Are Restarting

Bangkok is getting back to normal (or is it the “New” normal?) and we are getting back to exploring.

We have tours available and are looking forward to welcoming people. For more information please check out this article

Previous Announcement From March 23: Expique Suspends Tours and Cooking Classes

Due to the increasing impact of COVID-19 we have stopped running tours and cooking classes (at The Market Experience). We hope to start tours again on June 1, but this is currently under review.

COVID-19 effects the whole world and we share the challenges with many around the globe. It is our duty to do our bit not just to protect our staff but the country and planet we love. Within Thailand, COVID-19 reached a level in March where it was our duty to promote social distancing and staying at home. It now looks like the worst is behind Thailand and in May Bangkok is starting to open up again. However, we remain cautious and it is still not possible for tourist to fly to Thailand in May.

For anyone who has booked a tour with us who still has not cancelled (very few) then we offer free cancellation or rescheduling.

For a company like us this is extremely challenging. March was meant to be one of the best months of the year for us and like many businesses our future is at risk. What we ask is for everyone who has cancelled trips, please do visit Bangkok when the world is back to normal and please think of us. Please help us by booking direct with us and we will give you the most amazing service possible.

The Current COVID-19 Situation in Bangkok

Here is a summary of the current situation in Bangkok as of May 1. This may quickly change.

For over 1 month Thailand experienced surprisingly few reported cases of COVID-10. However, from mid March the number of cases went up significantly and reported numbers were between 100-200 cases per day. There was huge concern about it spreading across the country with as many cases being reported outside Bangkok. For many reasons people believe this is far under-reported.

On March 22 the government announced the closure until April 12 (and subsequently got extended), of all malls and non food markets. Restaurants and street food vendors are no longer allowed to serve sit down customers and many now offer delivery only menus. Supermarkets and stalls selling food and fresh produce are allowed to stay open.

On March 26 the Government invoked an emergency decree with the aim of limiting people’s movements and forcing them to stay at home in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19. This also restricts foreigners (except those with work permits) from coming into Thailand. A curfew in Bangkok was impossd from 10pm – 4am.

Whilst many business have had to shut and many offices have moved to home working there have not been strict rules on staying home. Many people have still practiced social distancing and staying at home.

The decree is currently still in place until end of May, but it seems Bangkok is slowly returning to normal. Restaurants are now allowed to reopen as long as they ensure they meet certain criteria (like keeping 1.5m between tables). Between now and mid June it is expected that everything will reopen, with openings staggered based on how high a risk an industry is.

At present it is not possible for foreigners to fly to Thailand and even Thais who can get a flight are forced to quarantine for 2 weeks. We expect this to be loosened in June.

The challenge in Thailand is often there are conflicting reports and this has been the case with during COVID-19 with different government departments issues different statements. The situation can change so do check for updates,

For the best updates in English on the current situation we suggest you follow:

What About Our Team

Our commitment is to protect the jobs of our staff. We have an amazing team and we are doing our best to keep them, but we all have to make sacrifices if we are to get through this.

Our permanent office team are now working from home, but like many people they have all taken a 30% salary cut and are working just 3 days per week. This effects our team at our cooking school as well. Many of our staff work more than 3 days per week even though that’s all required from them at the moment and we are extremely grateful for their commitment.

Our heart goes to our team of freelance tour guide and drivers who are impacted the most as we simply have no work for them. This is extremely tough on these amazing people who are at the core of the experiences we offer.

Our focus moves to building a strong company going forward. Developing new products, creating great content for our customers, and building the Expique brand for the long term. Our short term goal is to help our drivers and guides find new sources of income and for us to find revenue sources to keep us ticking over

New initiatives that we are please to announce in May are:

Tuk Tuk delivery and rental with www.tuktuks.com

www.tuktuks.com is our brand new website and focuses on finding new sources of income.

Food delivery from The Market Experience

We have just launched our own experiential food delivery at our cooking school, The Market Experience (www.marketexperiences.com). Every day we will prepare a special set meal which includes items and dishes from sources in and around the Flower Market. We will add our own unique twists to turn it into an experience.

Videos and online experiences

In the interim we are looking to see how we can offer online / virtual experiences. Check out our schedule of Facebook Lives and also our videos on “Bringing Bangkok to You”

We Aim to Bring a Little Bit of Bangkok to You

So many people around the world are self isolating at the moment. Some of you were meant to be in Bangkok at the moment, others dreaming about Bangkok in the future. Many are dreaming of travelling regardless of the destination.

We have started to make semi regular (Once per week) videos under the title “Bring Bangkok to You”. We hope they will bring a smile to your face. Below you will see the first few episodes but for future ones please follow us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/expique

Bringing Bangkok To You – March 17, 2020

It's a tough time for everyone. Most people who were planning trips to Bangkok have had to cancel. Therefore, we have decided to make a daily video "Bringing Bangkok to You" for all the people who are missing out on planned trips and to bring a little smile to everyone. Here is our first daily video. We hope you like it and let us know what you would like to see tomorrow. And until then – stay strong. #BringingBangkok2U

Posted by Expique on Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Bringing Bangkok To You – A Typical Thai Breakfast: March 19

Welcome to today's episode of "Bringing Bangkok To You – A Typical Thai Breakfast". This is dedicated to all the people who could not make it to Bangkok today, and also we hope it will bring a smile to anyone who needs it! #BringingBangkok2UFor more on a typical Thai breakfast visit https://www.expique.com/blog/2019/10/31/typical-thai-breakfast/

Posted by Expique on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Start Planning You Next Trip to Bangkok – Date Pending!

All we really hope is that once this is all over, people start travelling again, and hopefully to Bangkok. If you are starting to plan, feel free to drop us your questions

Until we see you again, please stay safe and healthy

Simon, Perasa and the whole Expique Team

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