Free Walks & Almost Free Tours

An offering born in COVID times so we can get back to exploring

Our Free Walks, Almost Free Tours & Sunday Scoots

This initiative is something we have started in the aftermath of the COVID lockdown in order to give jobs to our tour guides and to get back to doing what we love doing - showing people Bangkok. 

We also hope that they will attract people based in Bangkok who would not normally consider taking a tour of their own city. Come on - you have nothing to lose.

More Details:

We have also partnered with our friends at Just Nok Bike Tours who are offering free bike tours.

How can the walks be free

We believe in full transparency, so want to be very clear on how these work.

  • Guides are not paid so we do hope if you enjoyed the tour you will give them a tip
  • Guides get to keep all the tips up to the level of the guide fee we would normally pay them for paid tours. After this level the guides splits the additional tips equally with Expique.
  • This is a model we have introduced post COVID to ensure Expique only benefits once the guide has got a normal guide fee, and ultimately the guide can do better than on a normal paid tour.
  • For tours where we actually have cost we have introduced the concept of "Almost Free"
  • For all of these tours we need a minimum 2 people to run.

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Why are some "Almost Free"

For tours where we have a food, equipment or entrance fee cost, we are promoting them as "almost free". You are required to pay a set minimum amount that simply covers these expenses.

Sunday Scoots (Almost Free)

Our eScooter tours are a fun way to explore the city and every Sunday we run one of our eScooter tours as an "almost free" tour. All we charge is 300THB per person to cover costs of equipment and insurance.

Our eScooter tours are brought to you in partnership with Scoota

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All we ask is

  1. If you enjoy the tour please do consider tipping the guide. Guides are not paid so if you feel it was worth it a tip is appreciated. Our suggested tip would be 200-500THB per person depending on how well you think the guide did.  
  2. If you cannot make it, please do let us know. Due to best practice post-COVID we are keeping group sizes small and already have wait lists on some tours.
  3. If you really like what we are doing then please spread the word.

Or Consider a Discounted Private Tour

All these tours are also available as a private tour and they are heavily discounted at the moment. If there are 3 or more people in your group it is worth contacting us about a private tour.

Our Upcoming Schedule

Below is our schedule. It is updated monthly with tours for the following month.

If you have problems viewing it you can click here to enter and expanded calendar view.

For Schedule of Free Bike Tours by Just Nok please visit their Facebook Page

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Expique is an innovative tour company with a vision to develop a range of amazing travel experiences in Bangkok and beyond.

Getting Back To Exploring

Bangkok is getting back to normal following COVID-19 disruptions and we are getting back to exploring. Find out more about what we are now running.

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Getting Back To Exploring

Bangkok is getting back to normal following COVID-19 disruptions and we are getting back to exploring. Find out more about what we are now running.

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All our walking tours are also available as Private Tours

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