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Written by Team Expique
Published: January 11, 2018

While at Expique we clearly love Tuk Tuk Tours and Food Experiences, there are so many other great passionate companies in Bangkok offering a range of niche experiences, that we thought we would share some of our favorites, and in our minds the best tour in Bangkok. 

Recent years have seen a number of innovative tour operators emerge in Bangkok, and they now offer a wide range of unique and immersive experiences for visitors to Thailand’s capital. Many of them are run by super-passionate young and entrepreneurial young Thais. Whether you’re interested in food, culture, history, religion, or something else entirely, chances are there’s a tour designed for you that will enable you to get to know Bangkok and its local communities and lesser-known attractions on a whole new level. It’s all a far cry from the traditional cookie-cutter tours of popular tourist sights of the past. These are some of Expique’s favourite unique experiences that let you get a real feel for Bangkok.

Explore by Bike: Bangkok Behind the Scenes by Just Nok

Bangkok Behind the Scenes tour by Just Nok - photo by Just Nok

Nok is one of the loveliest tour company owners in Bangkok. Having worked for many years for the equally great Grasshopper Adventures, it is no surprise she is starting to build quite a reputation. Just Nok’s unique cycling tour takes you on a ride across the Chaophraya river from bustling modern-day Bangkok to laid-back, more traditional Thonburi. The tour traces Bangkok’s development as the capital of Thailand, and packs in sights that aim to surprise visitors as to the different ways of life from one side of the city to the other, divided only by the river. Take in the vibe of an abandoned 18th-century temple, witness small-scale traditional industry at work, and get a feel for local transport as you ride a cross-river ferry.

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For a Food Adventure: Thoburi Street Food Trails by SiamRise

Thonburi Street Food Trails tour by SiamRise - photo by SiamRise

Faiy and Good are a husband and wife who run SiamRise and they have a true passion for community based tourism, responsible travel and FOOD! ‘If Chinatown is heaven for street food lovers, Talat Phlu is paradise.’ That’s the claim behind SiamRise’s Thonburi Street Food Trails tour, and it’s hard to disagree (and we love eating our way around Chinatown!) Taking in the under-visited area of Talat Phlu across the river in Thonburi, you’ll get up close to historic temples like Wat Intharam while tucking into street food delicacies in an area that’s famed among locals for its variety of sidewalk feasting possibilities.

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A True Immersion to the City: Bangkok Three Sixty by Bangkok Vanguards

Bangkok Three Sixty experience by Bangkok Vanguards - photo by Bangkok Vanguards

Bangkok Vanguards – which bills itself as a coming-together of locals, die-hard Bangkok fans and explorers, conservationists, and foodies – says sightseeing was yesterday. Michael who runs Bangkok Vanguards, is half-Thai and half-German, and having grown up in Germany is now on a mission to show people the country he loves and the stories behind the places and the people. That’s why their Bangkok Three Sixty experience aims to immerse you deep into the complex identity of the multi-faceted city that the Thai capital is today, giving you the chance to get to know a city that has so many more faces than most visitors ever expect. From contrasting forms of public transport to the differences between high-flying neighbourhoods and local communities, and the ways of life of those adhering to the countless religions represented, this is an introduction to Bangkok as you have never seen it before.

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A True Community Experience: A Day as a Fisherman by Local Alike

A Day as a Fisherman by Local Alike - photo by Local Alike

Local Alike is the poster child of Thai Social Enterprises and run by the super passionate and entrepreneurial team who really want to make a difference. Just about as immersive as it’s possible for tours to get, the A Day as a Fisherman experience takes you to the slower-paced Bang Khuntien district towards Bangkok’s southern border, and introduces you to the local seaside community whose lives revolve around what they can catch from the water. You’ll get a feel for rustic transport like songthaew trucks and local trains as you head to the closest ‘beach’ to downtown Bangkok, then once you’re there you’ll pluck fresh-as-it-gets seafood from the on-site cockle pond, paddle in the local canal, and tuck into a delicious, freshly prepared seafood meal, all before heading back to the lights of the big city.

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Combining cooking and Exploring: Floating Market Cooking Class by Chili Paste

Floating Market Cooking Class by Chili Paste - photo by Chili Paste

As far as food tour guides go, Chin is up there with the best and her food tours are some of the most innovative (while still taking you to the most original places). Ditch hectic Bangkok life and head for a canalside community in Mae Klong province with tour guide and keen cook Chin. You’ll go shopping for fresh ingredients at the local market or Tha Kha floating market, before setting up for an afternoon cooking class in a sustainably built countryside kitchen on the grounds of a coconut orchard. There’s a real focus on lovingly, painstakingly prepared Thai dishes that follow traditional recipes – meaning you’ll be using homegrown herbs and even pressing your own coconut milk from fruits freshly plucked from the trees outside.

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Collaborative Tourism: The Appear Project by Hivesters

Hivesters - Appear Project

Run by sisters Achi and Mint, Hivesters is a social enterprise and travel company offering unique and sustainable travel experiences in Thailand. Last year they were involved in the Appear project which was a collaboration with the UNDP, and Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and aimed to match leading urban hotels and 6 endangered communities that include: Nang Loeng, Bang Lamphu, Ban Bu, Koh Sarn Chao, Bang Kradi andHua Takhe. Technically this is not one single experience like the others we have mentioned, but an interesting company and project for you to catch out.

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Bridging The Gap Between Mainstream and Unique: Bangkok Night Lights by Expique

Bangkok Night Lights tuk tuk tour in Bangkok, Thailand, by Expique - photo by Expique

Our flagship Bangkok tuk tuk tour takes you on an exhilarating journey around the Thai capital, not only visiting some lesser-known sights, but also experiencing them and other Bangkok attractions by the dark of night, including stunning Wat Pho temple and the bustling Pak Khlong Talat flower market. Travelling by night allows you to see a totally different side to the city, as well as escaping the notorious daytime heat and traffic. You’ll get an introduction to the history and culture behind the places we visit, as well as the chance to sample local Thai foods along the way. If you search on Viator for most popular tour in Asia this comes at the top – but you are better booking direct with us!

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