The Siam Hotel

The Best Hotel in Bangkok

Written by Team Expique
Published: November 16, 2020

With so many hotels in Bangkok, a hotel really needs to standout to be considered The Best Hotel in Bangkok. However, of all the small boutique hotels none compare to charm and uniqueness of The Siam Hotel. Obviously, this comes at a price, but for those that can afford it, you are in for a memorable experience.

The Siam Hotel
Photo credit: The Siam

We recently enjoyed a staycation at The Siam and were so blown away by this hotel that we were inspired to write about it. We also had the pleasure to meet Nick Downing, The General Manager at The Siam, and have included some of his comments in this article.

The Siam Hotel

When we asked Nick Downing, what 3 words best describe the hotel. Nick’s responded

“Too difficult for three words! Privacy, Unique, Oasis

But I could go on…. Thai, Culture, Riverside, Space, Experiential, Museum, Personal, Connection, Luxury…”

It is certainly difficult to pinpoint just a few words that sum up The Siam experience. As you enjoy a stay at The Siam, with every corner you turn you discover a beautiful surprise.

The Siam was conceived by celebrity pop-star Krissada Sukosol Clapp, together with globally acclaimed hotel designer Bill Bensley, who has designed over 150 luxury hotels around the world. The Sukosol family run several hotels but together at The Siam they created something truly special.

What Makes The Siam So Special

There are many factors that make The Siam so memorable and unique.

The Design

The overall setting reflects Traditional Thai Heritage (from Rama V period), and combines it with Art Deco accents. The attention to detail throughout the property is incredible. What this translates to is a very classic feel, but with the right balance between elegance and simplicity.

The lobby at The Siam
The lobby at The Siam

As Nick himself says “We have a stunning hotel designed by Bill Bensley which has created a true resort atmosphere for guests to escape the frenetic energy of Bangkok.

The atrium at The Siam
The atrium at The Siam

At the centre of the main building is a stunning 3-storey glassed roofed atrium with water features and tropical plants in the middle.

For such an elegant hotel it really does feel relaxed. The use of natural light and plants both in the lobby and the atrium creates a warm and friendly atmosphere from the start.

The Rooms The Suites & Pool Villas

Pool Villa at The Siam Hotel
Pool Villa (Photo credit: The Siam)

Given that the smallest room is 80sqm it is safe to say that all 39 rooms are either suites or villas. Whilst the pool villas are very special you would not be disappointed with even the most basic rooms. The only surprise may be the lack of river views for many of the rooms.

Connie's Cottage at The Siam - built using a traditional Thai house
Connie’s Cottage at The Siam (Photo credit: The Siam)

One more truly unique feature of hotel is Connie’s Cottage, which is available on request. This is a century-old traditional Thai teak house (chosen by Jim Thompson for his best friend, Connie) that has been transformed into a rustic Thai Pool Cottage.

The Collection

For Nick, his favourite feature of the hotel he manages is: “The owners collection of over 5000 pieces of antiques, curios and artwork curated throughout the hotel by the owner himself creating an atmosphere unlike any other hotel in Bangkok, indeed Asia.”

Sak Yant Studio, Screening Room and Snooker Table

The truth is there are so many features that you are unlikely to find in any other hotel in Bangkok. Given the hotel only has 39 rooms, it is very easy to find a unique corner of the hotel all to yourself. Here are a few bits of the uniqueness.

Sak Yant Studio

Experiencing getting a Sak Yant at The Siam (Photo credit: The Siam)
Experience getting a Sak Yant at The Siam (Photo credit: The Siam)

Sak Yants are traditional and spiritual Thai tattoos. It is quite incredible to think that a small ultra luxury hotel would have it’s on studio. Surprisingly they get several customers per month who want a Sak Yant – even with a price tag of 30,000THB. What you can be assured is you will get a high quality experience.

Snooker Table

It should be no surprise that a hotel of this elegance has a full size snooker table. Although, given it’s prominent position in a public area one could debate if the main purpose for setting the atmosphere or actually playing.

Screening Room

While there are lots of reasons to get out and explore Bangkok, the screening room is yet another temptation to simple relax at the hotel. Select your movie and enjoy use of a private cinema for a few hours.

Vinyl Room and English Garden

The Vinyl Room at The Siam Hotel
Vinyl Room at The Siam

Yet another room available for you to relax in. Just select the record you want to play and relax – assuming you are comfortable in a room with deceased animal. At least you can escape from the Vinyl room straight on to the 2nd floor balcony disguissed as an “English Garden”.

Muay Thai

Boxing ring at The Siam
Muay Thai at The Siam

For a small hotel the gym is very well equipped and even has a mini Muay Thai boxing ring! Something that you are unlikely to find in even the biggest of hotels in Bangkok.

The Team

“I believe it is truly The Siam family that makes the difference. Spearheaded by our team of butler’s, the whole team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to impress each and every guest. From the smallest request to the more daring of challenges, the Siam family always works together as one and rises to the occasion.”

Nick Downing, Gerenal Manager – The Siam

The Location

Located on the Chao Phraya River, but yet away from the bustle. For some the location is a turn-off, as it can feel that you are along way from the centre of Bangkok. However, it is also a positive in it’s positioning as an oasis in Bangkok. That’s said, with Royal Palaces in the neighbourhood, it adds to its eliteness.

Changes As a Result of COVID

We asked Nick about how The Siam has adapted as a result of COVID.

Obviously with COVID having such impact, we have refocused our short term energy towards attracting those residing in Thailand. This means guests are traditionally wanting to simply stay and experience all that The Siam has to offer rather than heading out to explore the city. It may be using our private screening room, enjoying the array of treatments at our spectacular Opium Spa. We even had one guest recently receive a traditional Sak Yant tattoo in our very own tattoo studio.

We are well known for our riverside Chon Thai restaurant and continue to look at ways to elevate this experience and we will shortly relaunch a new venue at the entrance of The Siam which will take the original Café Cha in a new direction which I am sure will appeal to local residents.

To Summarise

The Siam really suits  anyone who is looking for a truly unique, one of a kind experience beyond simply checking in and checking out.

Nick Downing, Gerenal Manager – The Siam

For more details and to book a stay at The Siam, visit their website:

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