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Written by Team Expique
Published: January 5, 2019

Thailand is well-known for its wide and growing range of convenient online services. Providing a great deal of flexibility, on-demand businesses win more and more loyal clients every day.

Do you wish you could dedicate more time to something more important and meaningful, but you have too many boring daily chores? Or you are looking for good deals on on-demand services but there are no reasonable options in your neighborhood? Or you are visiting an need to order something easily. If you live in or are visiting Bangkok or another major city of Thailand, we have good news for you.

With countless affordable on-demand services available in Thailand, you can make your life easier and more exciting in just a couple of clicks. Expique decided to help you out and prepared the list of the most popular companies everyone should try out at least once during their stay in Bangkok.

On demand services in Bangkok



Are you a big fan of eating out? While food in Thailand is generally very affordable, fine dining can still be quite pricey. To get the best deals, we recommend keeping an eye on Eatigo. With discounts fluctuating between 15 and 50%, you are likely to save a lot of money using this platform.

The company promises to connect empty tables with empty stomachs by providing discounts on certain menus. With hundreds of options available every day, even the pickiest foodie will find something exciting to try out.



Do you need a new batch of business cards to network in Bangkok? Or you want to send your friends and family customized postcards? In this case you could use the most affordable and fastest printing services in Thailand offered by Gogoprint.

With a diverse portfolio of products, you will be able to print anything you want in the shortest period of time. Place the order online and get free delivery to your door in just a week. Don’t forget to monitor their website to get discounts and hot deals.



Many of us fell victim to cheap Thai street food and limitless food choices available in Bangkok. Gaining five kilograms in a couple of weeks is quite an easy task if you are not careful about the way you eat.

To fall back into a healthy regime and become more physically active, you might want to check out trendy sports classes popping up across the city. Bangkok has a lot to offer: HIIT, Yoga, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Indoor Cycling, Pilatess… The list is truly endless.

If you want to find the best sports activity but don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription Guavapass is a perfect option for you. With a wide range of classes, you can try out many different things without ever getting bored of repetitive training.



With Grab you won’t have a problem of a taxi driver who doesn’t want to take you too far or use meter. Convenient, cheap and fast, Grab is one of the best transportation services in the SEA region.

To avoid scary Bangkokian traffic jams, use the Bike Service. You’ll get to your destination in no time.



Probably you’ve already heard about FoodPanda. But if you are new here, FoodPanda is a must-have app on your phone. Their website and mobile app offer delivery from hundreds of restaurants and eateries. Korean, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Western and even Vegan cuisines are available for ordering.

While FoodPanda operates 24/7 keep in mind that most of the restaurants present on the platform close around 9-10P.M.



In need of fast delivery? Lalamove will deliver anything you need locally. It doesn’t matter how big the item you want to deliver is, Lalamove will take care of it. Used mostly by SMEs, Lalamove can be used for moving out of your old apartment. But mind that the prices start from 50 USD.



No one likes doing laundry. Sorting clothes by color, loading the machine, ironing… All of that sounds like a torture or at least a total waste of time. If you can relate, use Do4You services. They won’t only help you with your laundry and dry cleaning but with house cleaning as well.

Trusted and trained staff will make sure your apartment is squeaky-clean. More expensive than a cleaning lady in your condo but a more reliable option for those who don’t want to deal with the language barrier.



Unlike FoodPanda, HonestBee also delivers groceries. If 7/11 specialties are not enough for you and the nearest Tesco Lotus is still relatively far, we encourage you to use HonestBee. Probably ordering from them will be easier and more affordable than taking a taxi to the supermarket.

VillaMarket, Big C, Sunshine Market: all the major grocery stores are present on the website for you to make your order.


Line Man

Brought to you by Line, Thailands favourite messaging app, Line Man is an on-demand assistant app with professional services to serve all your needs at any time. Request someone to do your chores for you, whether it be collecting groceries, delivering something, food delivery….

Anything We’ve Missed?

If you know a cool on-demand service available in Bangkok that wasn’t not mentioned on the list, do not hesitate to comment. We will update the post to let other readers know about the best deals.

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