Bangkok Community Based Tours

On one of our community based tours you get a deep dive into one of the local Bangkok communities to understand the history, traditions, culture and the issues they face in the changing nature of the city. For these tours we often work with local partners who have an expertise in ensuring that such tours add benefit in enriching the lives of locals as well as providing a fun and interactive day for the guests.
Learn about the life of a local fisherman in Bang Khun Tian

A Day as a Fisherman

Escape Bangkok without going to far! On this tour we take you to the outskirts of Bangkok where the canals meet with the Gulf of Thailand. You will spend a day as a fisherman who farms cockles and shrimps for a living and enjoy experiencing the slow way of life outside of the city

Monk Bowl Maker and Baan Bat

Lost Treasures of Bangkok

Bangkok has many communities where traditional life and traditions still exists. This tour takes you deep into the neighborhoods of charismatic old Bangkok where the culture and history remains strong in both ambience and living styles. You will visit the Ban Bat community which is famous for making monks bowls and also the Kudeejeen community which has a deep history with a combination of Portuguese Catholic, Muslim, Chinese and Thai origins. Along the way you will learn about their traditions and crafts