Dear Simon. Thank you very much for your email and for all the concern over my mums fall. I was pleasantly surprised and very touched when Nemo asked about it just before the night tour. Bee was naturally the first person to shower concern at regular intervals during the walk, which we enjoyed very much, especially since we have been to Bangkok several times and thus what i really wanted was for my mum to get a feel of the main sights without us wasting time and making false turns under the hot sun. It was definitely a treat to have seen the dress rehearsal of the university students' graduation on the way, at the royal funeral field. To be honest, i myself was a little surprised when my mum suggested taking the night tour at the end of the walking tour. I have actually taken the tour before with a friend in August 2015 which we really enjoyed. However, I did not book it for my mum as i was afraid it will be too long and perhaps not something she can fully appreciate, due to her lack of mastery of the English language. Yet I am reassured to say that she enjoyed both, loved the pad thai, the snacks, couldn't quite get over the length of Bangkok's full name, was horrified at the sale of contact lenses at the market (as she is a Traditional Chinese Doctor specialising in chinese remedies for eye diseases), loved revisiting Wat Pho at night and last but not least, spent an awesome time folding the petals of the lotus flowers as my mum is simply obsessed with flowers. At this point, i would like to send special thanks to Bee for this thoughtful touch to end the trip, it was a great highlight for the females in the group and a good insight into the thai local culture and the importance placed on flowers. In addition, i would also like to thank Yin for her attention and patience paid to my mum who is always lagging behind and taking time to explain things slowly to her. We have now safely returned to Singapore and i would really like to thank you Simon for such a professional team. Nemo, at seeing that we were early for the night tour (as i totally overestimated the time needed to get to the meeting point), even went out of the way to suggest that we sit in the tuks tucks to wait for the tour to start. And of course it had to rain whilst we waited, but thanks to the sweet tuk tuk drivers who quickly supplied us with ponchos, pulled out huge umbrellas, and fixed transparent blinds; we didn't get too wet :) It is your great attention to detail, sincere attitude and acts of care and kindness which will encourage us to visit Bangkok/Thailand again and to go on tours once again with Expique. Thanks much Pekkee