Bangkok Tuk Tuk Adventures

Everyone shows you the main sites. Let us show you them from a different perspective.


Walking Tours

Want to get off the beaten path? Explore local communities, history, culture and food on a walking tour in Bangkok.


Community Based Tours

Dig deeper into understanding the local communties and learn about how they are preserving their heritage & traditions.


Food Tours & Culinary Experiences

Bangkok is famous for its food and on one of our culinary experiences you will experience why.



Bangkok's Best Tuk Tuk Tours


Custom Tours

Wedding Tuk Tuk Parade Bangkok

Special Events, Corporate Trips and Team Building

At Expique we have experience of adapting our tours and experiences to create truly memorable events whether it is a business event or for personal.

Daily Walking Tours

Walking Tour Schedule

Monday 8:30am: The Rattanakosin Story

Tuesday 9am: Diversity & Harmony

Thursday 8:30am: The Rattanakosin Story

Friday 9am: Where East Meets West

Saturday 8:30am: The Rattanakosin Story

Saturday 9am: Diversity & Harmony

Sunday 9am: Where East Meets West



Community Based Trips

Our Events

BBQ at Expique

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Nov 21: Random Thainess


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