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Written by Team Expique
Published: October 1, 2019

eScooters have gained a mixed reaction around the world. Our goal is to have a positive impact with our tours and this “Responsible Riding Policy” has been written to ensure we operate our tours safely and in a responsible way. In operating eScooter tours we aim to provide a unique and safe way for people to explore Bangkok and the local cultures, whilst respecting the people and communities we ride through.

Our commitment to where we ride

  • Roads belong to motorbikes, cars and big vehicles
  • Pavements belong to pedestrians and street vendors
  • We will respect this and by default we will ride on the roads unless we feel it is too dangerous.
  • We will only use pavement if it is truly suitable. E.g. there is a very wide pavement with no pedestrians. In such a case we will use judgement as to whether suitable.
  • We will push the scooters when we feel it is not appropriate for either road or pavement.

Our commitment to safety

Safety is our number 1 priority and this includes the safety of our guest and the others using the streets

  • We require all riders to wear a helmet.
  • For every tour we will include a safety briefing and time to practice riding before starting the tour.
  • Our guides have the right to stop a rider if we feel they are riding dangerously.
  • We will push scooters if roads are dangerous and pavements not suitable.
  • When it is raining we may stop riding and continue by another mode of transport.

We will continuously review

We will seriously review all feedback on safety and our impact on others around us.

  • After each tour we send feedback requests to our guests and carefully review feedback
  • Guides are expected to feedback any issues encountered

We welcome anyone who has feedback to email us at

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