Our COVID-19 Safety Policy

At Expique we have always prided ourselves on providing exceptional experiences and giving guests confidence to book and explore with us. COVID-19 has impacted all of us and we acknowledge that currently there is a wide range of attitudes to safety and hygiene when travelling now. Our COVID-19 is policy is designed to give confidence to even the most cautious of travellers.  

Ongoing Safety Precautions 

The measures listed below are relevant to all our bookings:  

  • Guides and drivers are required to wear face masks or face shields in line with current recommended best practice. There of course may be situations when a guide may have to lift their mask but will do so being aware of the environment. Guides should use judgement with regards to attitudes of guests when it comes to eating with guests.
  • The Thai people are very accepting to wearing masks and continue to do so both indoors and outdoors. We encourage customers to wear masks in line with the current practices of locals 
  • Alcohol gel will be available throughout our tours and we will do our best to ensure additional hand washing facilities.  
  • If guides are feeling unwell, they are required to inform us and we will switch guide. 
  • For large groups (14+ people) we will review if any additional precautions are required to ensure additional confidence. 
  • We maintain the rights to change the routes of our tours to offer the best experience possible under any changing circumstances.  

Specific to Tuk Tuk Tours 

Our tuk tuks are cleaned / wiped-down before every tour.  

You will need to share a tuk tuk with the guide so it is impossible to social distance perfectly. We do take the following precautions. For those who are not comfortable we can offer to provide a separate tuk tuk for the driver BUT at an additional charge.  

Our Ongoing Commitment To Ensure Best Practice 

We continue to monitor trusted sources and governing authorities, both locally and globally, to ensure that our policy and practices meet international safety standards for all involved. As best practices continue to be implemented and attitudes of guest change, we will adjust our policy accordingly. 

We Encourage Guests To Stay Updated 

We always recommend that guests check on current travel updates, restrictions, and requirements, when travelling to Thailand. Whilst we hope we are entering a period of restrictions becoming more stable (and hopefully relaxed), things can quickly change and there can be conflicting information.  

Cancellations Due To COVID 

Our cancellation policies are already very lenient, and we offer full refund 24 hours before the tour. We are a small business and still need to pay our team if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance so please understand if we can not offer a refund. You at least should be partly protected by your own travel insurance. We have no such security and our business and guides have been impacted for 2 years,  so please respect our policy. 

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