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Our eScooter tours were brought to you in partnership with Scoota

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Our eScooter Tours in Bangkok

Further information about our eScooter Tours in Bangkok

Our eScooter Tours in Bangkok were run in partnership with Scoota (, Bangkok's leading supplier of eScooters for rent and ridesharing. Together we have developed our routes to create an amazing and innovative experience.

People ask whether Bangkok is a good city for riding an eScooter. There are of course challenges with traffic and uneven roads, but we have designed our routes to ensure we minimise both of these and explore using quieter roads and paths.

In offering eScooter tours we focus on responsible riding, which means that we focus on safety of both the riders and the others who are using the roads and pavements. We require all riders to wear helmets and we have a minimum age of 14. For more information about our "Responsible Riding Policy" please see the article below. Riders will be required to sign a waiver and adhere to our policy.

See details of each experience to see if our eScooter Tours are the right experience for you.

eScooter – Responsible Riding Policy

eScooters have gained a mixed reaction around the world. Our goal is to have a positive impact with our tours and this “Responsible Riding Policy”

e-Scooters in Bangkok

Over the last few years e-Scooters have become a craze in many cities around the world, and in the last year a few companies have

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