I have been looking at my pictures and my friends and I have been reliving the trip so it is time to let you know. As a first time traveller to Thailand, I was extremely pleased with both the tours we took. It gave me wonderful insights to the Thai culture for which I am grateful. We are friends that take the time to travel yearly and this was the first time we ever took a tour. Granted, we were a bit tired doing the night tour on the day we arrived (probably as we squeezed in some shopping!). But over all, I loved riding the tuk tuks...I loved the stark beauty of the temples...  I was amazed at the pad thai restaurant...simply put, that was the best intro ever! Granted..it would have been amazing to SEE the reclining buddha (haha) but I know you can't have it all. With regards the morning tour, it was both enjoyable and educational. We weren't as tired as Friday so we were open for the history lessons. Esso kept us on our toes with little tidbits. A bit sad to just see the mosque from the outside. The chinese and buddhist temples were amazing. My comment about the little bakeshop...perhaps it was built up too much during the tour? Because the cake was something reminiscent to a pastry in our country and we found it dry and ordinary. But then, like I said...maybe the hype made us expect. Other than the bakeshop, everything else was wonderful. So, thank you, thank you for the wonderful tours. It added to the wonderful memories we share as friends and personally, it got me interested in Thailand that I want to come back with my family. You have a wonderful team with Esso and Natt, and I may take you up on a tour again if i get to return with my children. I look forward to whatever tours you may dream up in the future.