Kopi coffee in Phuket town, Thailand - photo by Rob Taylor

What to eat in Phuket

In spite, or perhaps because, of Phuket’s position as one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, the island’s cuisine is one of the country’s most endangered. That’s not to say there’s no good food to eat – Phuket is packed with restaurants serving international cuisine, and there’s lively street food scene, albeit primarily focussed on […]

Expique's best blog posts of 2015

Our favourite blog posts of 2015

Expique has brought you regular blog posts throughout 2015, with regular updates on all that’s going on in Bangkok, as well as insights into Thailand’s culture and the best places to eat, drink and discover unique experiences in our home city and beyond. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring with us – as 2015 comes to end, […]

Koh Raya island off Phuket, Thailand - photo by Nicolas Vollmer

5 unique things to do in Phuket

The country’s largest island, southern Thailand’s Phuket is among the top destinations for visitors to the kingdom – who come for the white sand beaches, stunning views and good food. But there’s more to do in Phuket than sunbathe – here are our pick of the resort island’s unique attractions. Marvel at the upside-down house Here’s one […]