Meet the Expique Team


Expique’s team is committed to creating amazing and original travel experiences and providing the great customer service that you would expect. Here are the people that make it happen. 

Simon - CEO of Expique

Simon   (Nickname: Si)

Job Title: Chief of Chiefs

Alternative Job Title: Big CEO and Founder

From: London, UK

Favorite Place in Bangkok: The Flower Market at 2am

Favorite Thai Food: Somtum and grilled chicken

Hobbies: Exploring Bangkok for the best somtum and grilled chicken


Perasa  (Nickname: P)

Job Title: Honorary Chief

Alternative Job Title: Founder

From: Bangkok

Favorite Place in Bangkok: The helipad on the 46th floor of my condo

Favorite Thai Food: Rice Noodle (Kanom Jeen) with fish sauce

Hobbies: Yoga, looking for cheap flights (and travelling as much as possible)


Thida  (Nickname: Aui)

Job Title: Chief of Tuk Tuks

Alternative Job Title: Tuk Tuk Tour Manager

From: Born in Southern Thailand. Moved to Bangkok when 8 years old. You can read more about my experience growing up in Bangkok

Favorite Place in Bangkok: Wang Lang Market

Favorite Thai Food: Boat Noodles

Hobbies: Watching cooking videos and searching for lovely cafes with cheese cake! Also talking to Fern.

Fern - Community Manager

Kannika (Nickname: Fern)

Job Title: Chief of Flowers

Alternative Job Title: Community Manager

From: Born in Khon Kaen in North-East Thailand. Moved to Bangkok in 2011 to go to university

Favorite Place in Bangkok: Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre (BACC)

Favorite Thai Food: Fried mackerel with shrimp paste and Som Tum (Tum Pa)

Hobbies: Acting / swimming / talking with myself and Thida

Som and Leo

Som and Leo (Nickname: Som and Leo)

Job Title: Chief Website Testers

Alternative Job Title: The ones who get stroked.

From: Born in Bangkok we think. Was adopted at the age of one.

Favorite Place in Bangkok:  Hiding in the bushes at the Expique office. We also like parks and you can check out our favorite ones here.

Favorite Thai Food: Carrot som tum without chili, lime, garlic, fish sauce, shrimps, peanuts….

Hobbies: Running away from all the humans in the Expique Team.

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