Thai snacks - photo by Davidlohr Bueso

Our favourite Thai snacks

Thais are well known for constantly grazing throughout the day, rather than settling for three square meals as in many other cultures, especially in the west. As well as more substantial dishes, delicious snacks play a considerable part in the Thai diet – and these are some of our favourites. Kanom krok Hawked at markets […]

Fruit vendor in Thailand - photo by lynhdan

Nine of our favourite Thai fruits

Sure, it might be Thailand’s show-stopping curries, stir-fries and salads that get most of the glory, but the county also has countless varieties of delicious, exotic and healthy fruits that we practically live for. Some are well known, others much less so – whether you enjoy them in a fruit salad, blend them into a […]

Kopi coffee in Phuket town, Thailand - photo by Rob Taylor

What to eat in Phuket

In spite, or perhaps because, of Phuket’s position as one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, the island’s cuisine is one of the country’s most endangered. That’s not to say there’s no good food to eat – Phuket is packed with restaurants serving international cuisine, and there’s lively street food scene, albeit primarily focussed on […]

Phraya Nakhon Cave at Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park in Prachuap Kiri Khan, Thailand - photo by Bethany Ciullo

Thailand’s most impressive national parks

Thailand’s numerous national parks are often the highlights of a visit to the country – and rightly so. Sporting everything from towering mountain peaks to jaw-dropping waterfalls and pristine beaches, Thailand’s 147 national parks are among the jewels of the tourism industry. But they’re not all equal, and some are especially mesmerising. Whether you’re on […]

Expique's best blog posts of 2015

Our favourite blog posts of 2015

Expique has brought you regular blog posts throughout 2015, with regular updates on all that’s going on in Bangkok, as well as insights into Thailand’s culture and the best places to eat, drink and discover unique experiences in our home city and beyond. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring with us – as 2015 comes to end, […]

Khao Yai, Thailand - photo by Wat Coothong

Our favourite weekend escapes from Bangkok

When you need a little break from Bangkok’s frenzied way of life, it’s easy to make an escape for the weekend – or longer. In these upcountry destinations, just a hop, skip and jump from downtown madness in the Thai capital, you’ll find a slower pace of life, local culture to soak up, fresh air […]

Democracy Monument in Bangkok - photo by Chris Wotton

Constitution Day in Thailand

10 December is celebrated annually as Constitution Day across Thailand and is a public holiday. Falling just a few days after the socially significant holiday for the King’s birthday on 05 December, it is a welcome holiday for those in Thailand and often enables people to take an extended break by taking only one or […]