The Commons community mall in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by The Commons

A guide to Bangkok’s community malls

While Bangkok might be better known for its super-sized, awe-inspiring shopping malls – set in ever-taller skyscrapers and carrying just about every kind of product known to humankind – recent years have also seen the emergence of community malls across the Thai capital. These lower-key, often-air shopping centres are designed to serve the neighbourhoods in […]

After You dessert café in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by After You

The best places in Bangkok for dessert

Desserts are big business in Bangkok. Aside from delicious traditional Thai desserts that can be found everywhere from high-end restaurants to local fresh markets all over the city, there’s a seemingly never-ending choice of dedicated dessert cafés – and east-west-fusion trends that come and go so quickly it can be hard to keep up. If […]

Havana Social cocktail bar in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by Havana Social

The best cocktail bars in Bangkok

Bangkok is a haven for cocktail-lovers. While the city has traditionally had a reputation as the place to head for inexpensive beers and vodka buckets, these days the Thai capital is home to a bounty of expert mixologists and bartenders, who turn out lovingly curated cocktails and demonstrate true knowledge of and appreciation for their […]

Cooking class at The Market Experience at Pak Khlong Talat flower market in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by The Market Experience

Our guide to the best Thai cooking classes in Bangkok

  Thailand is famous for its food, so it’s no surprise that most tourists visiting Thailand want to explore the country’s cuisine. The best way to do so is by taking either a food tour or a cooking class. At Expique, we are slowly becoming food experience experts – following the launch of The Market […]

SO Sofitel hotel in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by SO Sofitel

Where to swim in Bangkok

Whether it’s as part of a workout or simply as a way to beat Bangkok’s otherwise inescapable heat, heading to a refreshingly cool pool is a great addition to your stay in Bangkok. Many Bangkok hotels and condos come with in-house pools and gyms but, if you don’t have one on hand, these are our […]

Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by istolethetv

Where to work out in Bangkok

Whether you’re visiting or living in the Thai capital, it’s easy to keep on top of your fitness regime while you’re here. From high-end membership-only gyms to more local-style workout facilities in the city’s parks and beyond, these are our recommendations for gyms in Bangkok. Make the most of your visit to Bangkok with a […]

Central World shopping centre mall in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by Adam Lai

Bangkok’s best shopping malls

Bangkok is a city of shoppers, and the Thai capital’s landscape is dominated by skyscrapers packed with some of the most impressive shopping malls in the region – and the world. Whatever you’re looking for in your quest for retail therapy, these are some of our favourite shopping centres in Bangkok. Make the most of […]

The Big Ben Breakfast at London Pie in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by London Pie

Where to go for breakfast in Bangkok

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then it’s lucky that Bangkok is endowed with countless spots – from cafés and coffee shops to restaurants – serving up top-notch ways to kick off your morning in the best way possible. From comforting western classics to local specialities, here’s our pick of some […]

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by Greg Knapp

What to know about the Grand Palace in Bangkok

It’s probably the most well-known attraction in Bangkok, and it’s top of the bucket list for the majority of first-time visitors to Thailand. There’s little denying the beauty and splendour of the Grand Palace, but a few insider tips can make your trip even better. Consider our suggestions the next time you’re in Bangkok and […]